They Kiss Again Original Soundtrack

Released: 8 January 2008
Language: Taiwanese
Version(s): Xiang Qin Version, Zhi Shu Version
Artist: Various

Track List:
01. 幸福合作社 (范曉萱)
02. 你(吉他甜蜜版) (林依晨)
03. 忠於原味 (鄭元暢)
04. Be Your Superman
05. 藏在微笑裡的秘密
06. 你曾經讓我心動
07. Heaven
08. 幸福合作社 (演奏曲)
09. 你 (演奏曲)
10. 藏在微笑裡的秘密 (演奏曲)
11. 你 (弦樂版)*

*only Xiang Qin’s version

幸福合作社 (范曉萱) Happiness Cooperative (Mavis Fan)

The opening theme of They Kiss Again kinda took me by surprise. When I first heard this song, I was like “Am I watching the correct drama?”But I really do like this song, the lyrics are pretty good and the singer 范曉萱 (Mavis Fan) does a good job with this song.

你(吉他甜蜜版) (林依晨) You (Ariel Lin)

I absolutely love this song! The lyrics are really meaningful, if I could only listen to one song on this whole album, it would have to be this song.

忠於原味 (鄭元暢) Loyal on Original Taste (Joe Cheng)

For some odd reason, this song made me laugh…really hard. I think it is because of Joe’s voice. The song is very cute even though it sounds like a cartoon song

Be Your Superman (純表演/ Chun Biao Yan)

I really like this song, this song sort of reminds me of Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin. It sounds like something that Zhi Shu would sing to Xiang Qin.

藏在微笑裡的秘密 (趙詠華) The Secret Hidden in the Smile (Cyndi Chaw)

This song is very cute! The lyrics are very sweet, it describes spring and love. I didn’t know that it was Jiang Mama who sang this until I went to find the artist!

你曾經讓我心動 (You Have Once Made Me Palpitate – Xie He Xian)

I wasn’t even aware that this song was on the OST until I went back and re-watched “They Kiss Again”. This song is quite sad in my opinion because this song was used when Ah Jin was missing Christine when she went back to England.

Heaven (Cai Han Cen and Cai Yi Zhen)

Not a big fan of this song, however, this song is quite catchy. When I first hear this song, I thought this song was going to be a slow song because of the heaven… boy was I wrong. Not the best song, but still good.

幸福合作社 (演奏曲) Happiness Cooperative Instrumental

This is the instrumental version of the opening theme of “They Kiss Again”. I actually like this version better than the original… weird, isn’t it?

(演奏曲) You Instrumental

This is basically the instrumental version of “You”, but I really like this version. It sounds very sweet. This song also reminds me of the infamous bed scene from episode 1.

藏在微笑裡的秘密 (演奏曲) You Have Once Made Me Palpitate Instrumental

Instrumental version of “You have once made me palpitate”. This version sounds really cute too.

(弦樂版) You (String Version)

This is the sadder version of “You”. Listening to song made me cry a few times because this song is usually associated with sad scenes (such as when Xiang Qin was in Zhi Shu’s office crying and when Zhi Shu tells Xiang Qin that he is leaving for his military duty)

Overall, this is a really good OST. I really like most of songs on this soundtrack with the exception of one song.

Rating: 9.9 out of 10

This has been a LTabi review.

info & pictures credits to YesAsia
translations of song titles credits to DramaWiki


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