Atashinchi no Danshi – Episode 11 finale

  • Title: アタシんちの男子
  • Title (romaji): Atashinchi no Danshi
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Episodes: 11
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-14 to 2009-Jun-23
  • Theme song: Infinity by GIRL NEXT DOOR

Episode 11 finale Review

Yeah, I know. I’m super late on this review. However, I do have many reasons – one of them being laziness x]

So, remember where we left off? Well the Oh-so-cool family are taking a stand against Tokita & his minions.

Fight-o~ OH!
( oops, wrong drama >.< )

Now that Chisato is back, they’re ready to fight and tell her to do what she has planned. Apparently, she’s got nothing and they’re left with no weapons/plans to go against Tokita who’s sporting a wannabe pirate looking outfit with fruity glasses:

There are a lot of things I can say about this, but I won’t lol

Tokita tells his army to attack and out of nowhere a hologram of Shinzo appears in the sky and it’s projected by Mirakurun 2.0. If any of you haven’t figured out that it’s a reference to Star Wars, sorry to say but you’re kinda slow. Anyway, the holographic Shinzo is being controlled by Inoue (thank you creepy maid ^^ ) and starts telling everyone, mainly Tokita, how he knew what Tokita was after and he can’t get it without the help of his 7 knights. And these 7 knights are -drum roll- .. Chisato, Fuu, Takeru, Sho, Masaru, Satoru, and Akira (go figure). Well Shinzo gets cut off and Tokita tells everyone to attack but changes his mind. He decides to wait until Chisato’s contract is up within the week. Next we see our favorite family trying to finish off the mother goals and they left off with the invention they have to create. Two days later, we see Tokita’s baka-minions still standing outside the Trick Heart Castle (talk about stamina @_@) and Fuu finally finishes the invention.

Looks like a bowl to me lol.

They ask him what it is and all he can say is .. “Saaa (no idea).” And you know when they complete a goal, out pops Kyoko to document it. They are then given mother goal #8, a 1000 Q & A. No, not 100 .. 1000! It’s not a typo, trust me x]  To start the Q & A, they must first put the bowl/helmet looking invention on Mirakurun 2.0. Meanwhile, Chisato’s bodyguards & Heiji go to rescue Kokudo – who’s literally caged like an animal. They then overhear Tokita and Kyoko talking the treasure hidden away in the Trick Heart Castle, also how Tokita was mad over the fact that Shinzo didn’t pick him to succeed the company. Chisato’s bodyguards return to the castle and bow down for forgiveness. Ahh those little idiots should’ve just gone to Chisato in the beginning .. tsk tsk tsk. Of course, Chisato was never really mad at them to begin with. Tokita then rolls into the scene (literally) all beaten up because Inoue thought he was an intruder. He says that he got the video chip of Shinzo (the one that was cut off) and states he’ll get it analyzed to find out what the rest says. Kokudo & the bodyguards end up at Kokudo’s house, apparently he’s super rich and their house is like a lab o.O;  He asks the people at his house (workers?) to analyze the disk. Back at the castle the Ohkuras are on the last question – what is Inoue’s full name? And nobody seems to know the answer. Inoue appears with an arm wrestling table and challenges Chisato, since she lost the last time. If Chisato wins, she’ll tell them her full name. Well guess what .. of course Chisato wins! She’s got super human arm strength. Inoue’s first name just happens to be Rosemary. I really wasn’t expecting that to be her name haha. Well with that goal finished, it’s on to #9! Chisato has to make the brothers matching wristbands, but it’s just mainly sewing their names on it. As she’s busy sewing Sho’s name, the boys are in the sauna .. again. I’m surprised they’re not raisins yet.

I always have to include a cap of them in the sauna x]

The conversation in the sauna starts off a bit serious, the topic being what they’ll all do after everything is over. Of course that semi-serious atmosphere dies when Takeru asks what they’re gonna do about Chisato. He claims he’ll be the judge between Sho, Satoru, & Masaru. Satoru and Masaru are eager to participate, but as much as Sho refuses Takeru states that those who have kissed her doesn’t have any say in this. I just love how Takeru eggs on about the kiss(es) between Sho and Chisato. The scene changes to the next day. Fuu, Takeru, and Akira find Chisato sleeping on the desk in the living room & she’s finished the wristbands but wrote their names wrong x] Akira becomes nichi-getsu and Fuu has turned into Arashi (kyaaa~ sorry had to throw my fangirling in here somewhere). Chisato then asks about the other 3 and Takeru suddenly remembers that they left them in the sauna. The contest was – whoever can stay in the sauna the longest gets to confess to Chisato. HAHA these guys!

Quick, Chisato! CPR!!
I would’ve been glad to do it.

Through all the hilarious chaos in the sauna room, Tokita appears on the screen reminding them that they have only one hour left to find the book that’s hidden away. So she’s finished goal #9 and onto the last goal! #10 they have to eat as a family again. I‘m going to breeze by the next scenes because it’s mainly about them finishing the goals and finding the treasure. So once they say “itadakimasu” together, it triggers Mirakurun 2.0 to show some kind of hidden contraption in Shinzo’s picture. Once they light up the bats correctly and stand on the stars on the floor, it opens up another passage way hidden under the stairs. I reallllly want to live in a house like this, so cool! When they lined up on the stars, the video gamer in me sudden remembered Kingdom Hearts where Sora, Donald, & Goofy had to stand on the trinity symbols. Yeah, call me a geek/nerd/whatever x] As Chisato heads for the hidden door, Sho stops her and goes in first. AWWW protect the one you love! Once they get inside, the only way to open the rock hard door is to put the hand prints they had in the respective places on the door. And in the middle is where Chisato had to place her own hand print. It then triggers one last question they must answer, no one knows the answer but then Kokudo shows up after he’s deciferred the disk with the answer. The door finally opens and ..

-cues music- HALELLUYAH!
Alas, the book is found~

They then bring Tokita to the treasure room and read him the book. They are willing to give him all the gold in the room in exchange to keep the castle. Tokita then calls off his raid on the castle and breaks Chisato’s hand print so no one can access the treasure again. I guess he DOES have a heart. The family is then seen in the living room, celebrating their victory with wine and orange juice. They then break the news to her that they’re all leaving. After one drink, Takeru is drunk and going a bit loopy. While the boys are having fun, Chisato is reminiscing. -cue flashbacks!- We then see the boys drawing on a sleeping Takeru’s face. Chisato can no longer hold back her tears and begins to cry. It’s so heartbreaking. To ease the tension, Sho kicks Takeru – who wasn’t really sleeping ..

HAHA that’s all I can say

Takeru tells her, “No matter how far apart we are, we’ll always be a family.” -cue waterworks- In the next scene, Chisato is outside and Sho is slowly approaching her. She asks where everyone is and he tells her that they’re asleep.

YESS more alone time!

Sho begins to explain to her how he’s never been rejected after a confession for 23 times in a row. He states that he’s going to quit now so he can keep his 23 victories. NOOO WHY!?!? He picks up a rock and throws it into a nearby bush only to hit Takeru .. and everyone else who’s hiding. Everyone starts to nag him. Satoru says that he won the sauna contest and to confess to Chisato already. Fuu is telling him to kiss her.  DO IT! Sho calls them idiots and turns to go back inside but the boys catch him and try to “fling” him towards Chisato. But being the chicken that he is, he runs away from his brothers’ clutches. The camera then zooms in on Chisato who admits ..

“You could have gotten yoru 24th victory.”
Do it with me! FLAIL! SCREAM! anything!

The scene cuts to Chisato’s father and Daikon man, then to the Net Cafe. In the Trick Heart Castle, all is silent as each Ohkura boy leaves -cries- Next, we see Akira going on a bus, Satoru visiting his parents, Masaru doing a photoshoot .. and out of nowhere we get a blast from the past! ..

It’s the return of GHOST BOY~!

Takeru is working with his father. Fuu has now become the president of Miracle and asks Kyoko out on a date ..

These two are so cute!
So forget what I said about them in the last review.
I’ve already slapped myself about it.

Sho is with his son Riki at the park .. along with his ex-wife Saki. She says, “You’ve fallen for someone, haven’t you?” Even the ex-wife sees it! It’s undeniable~. Sho goes to his son, pinches his cheeks and says ..

“Don’t laugh at me when my 23 streak ends”

At the castle, Chisato is by herself – flipping through the photoalbum. Then one by one all of the Ohkura boys come back! YAY! -happy dances- No one can tear this family apart! NO ONE I TELL YOU! In the midst of it all, Sho suddenly tells Chisato that he has something to tell her later. I think he should just tell her now. By stating this, it starts the chaotic brotherly affections of cute bickering. They all then resolve to go to the sauna and begin to strip on the spot!

Man .. I REALLY REALLY REALLY love this family!

In the end, the camera zooms on on Chisato where she says “I hate you all” but of course she doesn’t mean it. And that’s it! It’s over .. it’s really over T_T Now, I shall end this review so you all can go rewatch it a million times.

Rating: 10 out of 10

This has been a Haejin review.

2 thoughts on “Atashinchi no Danshi – Episode 11 finale

    1. The drama ends up very open-ended. There’s no solid evidence that she really ends up with anyone; except, it is hinted that she has feelings for Sho and that Sho is going to confess to her.

      As for her and her “husband,” they were never really married to begin with. That whole marriage ploy was just to get her to agree to accompany him before he dies, seeing as to how she’s his real daughter.


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