Lee Hi – Seoulite

My girl is back with a “half album.” And it is almost everything I ever wanted. #Praise for Tablo! He got my girl out of the YG dungeon and into the studio. Everyone needs to hear her voice if they haven’t already.


1. WORLD TOUR (비행) (Feat. MINO of WINNER)
Mah new jam! Unpopular opinion but I really love this song. It would probably have to be my favorite on the album. #BlessDean This song should actually be the title track, in my opinion. It’s upbeat and catchy. But, I understand that it’s not really Hi’s signature sound like “Breathe.” Plus, they probably didn’t want a song with a featuring as her title tracks. MINO, I love you. He sounds a little bit different than usual, but I’m not complaining. This is what a good featuring sounds like … unlike the last track on this release.

2. 손잡아 줘요 *(TITLE)*
One of two title tracks. This is a really cute song and feels kind of retro. I feel like this is probably the weakest track on the album though. It’s a bit anticlimactic. But, she still sounds great! The track gives off a super chill and laid back feel. It would be much better to listen to the song without watching the MV, as it is a bit distracting. I watched the MV first, listened to just the song the second time, and thoroughly enjoyed it more.

3. 한숨 *(TITLE)*
Composed by SHINEE’s Jonghyun. I have to admit, it’s not his best work and definitely not his worst. I’ve seen other commenting that the song is boring and contrary to popular opinion, I really like this song. It will no doubt be popular amongst the Korean public, since they do have an uncanny love for ballads. As do I! “Breathe” really shows off Hi’s higher range, which is pretty uncommon for her. What really made me love the song is the MV for it. It is SO BEAUTIFUL! I’m a sucker for aesthetics and it is just so pretty to watch. After the first listen/watch, I had to watch it a few more times again because I like all the pretty on my screen. Another great part of the song is the lyrics. They are so incredibly beautiful and sad. Just pull at my heart why don’t you Jjong! I am also a sucker for beautiful, sad lyrics. Hence my love for Mariah Carey songs.

4. OFFICIAL (Feat. Incredivle)
Solid track. Not my favorite, but solid. Glad to see Incredivle coming out of the metaphorical abyss since Show Me the Money 4. Hi is a solid 10 on the song and Incredivle … well, I didn’t mind him too much. The chorus certainly is catchy though.

5. FXXK WIT US (Feat. DOK2)
It’s been a while since I’ve heard clear English cursing in a kpop song and it sounds fantastic. My only ish with the song is DOK2’s rap. Did we really need DOK2 on here? His rap feels so out of place; I know they could’ve found a better rapper to do a featuring. Actually, just Lee Hi alone for this song would’ve been perfect.



Solid. She sounds great on all the tracks. I have a feeling they’re saving the best songs for the second half of this album. It was nice to see Hi explore another genre other than her usual soul. Her voice fits perfectly with R&B tracks and when accompanied by the right rapper, can sound incredible. Now, let’s talk about the album cover. It’s perfect and pretty. It was interesting to see it all over my Instagram feed from fellow YG label mates. I had to scroll past so much of it though.

8 out of 10


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