Baby baby~ my babies are back!
WINNER, finally, dropped their much desired comeback after more than a year of almost nothing.
Side-eyeing you right now YG for the long ass wait.


  1. BABY BABY* (Title Track)
  2. 센치해 (SENTIMENTAL)* (Title Track)
  3. 철없어 (IMMATURE)
  4. I’M YOUNG (좋더라) [Taehyun SOLO]
  5. Pricked (사랑가시) (Mino & Taehyun)

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It gives off a motown vibe and it is absolutely astounding. I was worried when YG kept releasing covers of this song because I absolutely loved Lee Hi`s version. BTW, YG … I’m gonna need full release of her cover too. I am glad to say that the original did not disappoint. I have always been impartial to Kang Seung Yoon’s voice and his parts in the song really stood out to me. Don’t get me started on that MV. It’ll make you say, “They’re all grown up now.” And I am grateful for the mature image/vibe they give off, which is such a rarity to see in idol groups, generally. For the faint of heart, I do warn you that the video does contain sexy times~ #wink. This is going to be my jam for a while.

It’s like WINNER and AkMu came together to create a song. It is originally slower than I thought it was gonna be but I prefer it this way. The video is fun and cute. It gives off the same vibe as “Don’t Flirt” from their debut album.

03. 철없어 (IMMATURE)
This song is fun too! Not something I had in mind to be released during the winter, but this is just the right mood lifter for me during the cold/snow. While I do like the song, I can see why it was not chosen as a title track. However, I believe this is a song that calls for an MV.

04. I’M YOUNG (좋더라)
Our youngest member seems to have a lot of thoughts, doesn’t he? The song is slow. Really slow. Slower than his first solo song on S/S. While it is nice to listen to, it’s a bit too slow for me. The MV is visually fantastic and the aesthetics are just so pleasing to the eye. I definitely prefer the song with the MV rather than just on its own.

05. Pricked (사랑가시)
We all know this was a pre-release and I really like the mellow vibe it gives off.



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