It`s been a while … again.

Before ya`ll ask…

No, the blog is not dead/shut down.

Unfortunately, life got in the way for an insanely long amount of time.
My family and life has been through a lot of changes, as well as ups and downs.
All is good though!

Now, about the changes that has happened …
I have relocated out of Los Angeles, temporarily.
I now reside in Hirosaki, Aomori, Japan.
Yes, that`s right Japan.
It`s for work and I will be here for about a couple of years, give or take.

So … while helping traveling_newbie with her blog, I accidentally changed the layout of this blog.
Time for a revamp anyway right!
The revamp will include new graphics, whenever I get around to it, and COLORS!
I`m impartial to blue but, I`m gonna try to go for bright colors.
I am open to suggestions though!

I will still review!
However, I will not be going by the previous list of dramas I had lined up to review.
Instead, I will start anew and review a whole new list of the dramas I am currently watching.
Yes, I still keep up with the current dramas; just didn`t have time to write reviews.
My current roster/line-up mostly consists of Korean dramas.
I`ve been lagging it on the Japanese dramas for the past few months, despite living in the country.


Ciao! .. for now!



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