#WCW – Kuroki Meisa 黒木メイサ

Hi it’s Kumatan here!

It’s time for…Women Crush Wednesdays!

My women crush happens to be a close friend of Horkita Maki as well as being in the same agency as her (called Sweet Power).

So sexy.

So here we go!

Kuroki Meisa…I don’t remember when I noticed her lol. But the earliest memories I have of Meisa is her message board on a Johnnys related magazine years back when she did SHOCK with Domoto Koichi from Kinki Kids. Although I did not know who she was, she was ridiculously attractive and stood out from the other actresses.

Slowly but surely, I started becoming exposed to her works. But I remember the first drama I watched of her fully was Ichi Pound no Fukuin with Kamenashi Kazuya from KAT-TUN. I remembered her previously from Haikei Chichi Ue Sama with Ninomiya Kazunari from Arashi but never watched the drama as well. I loved the drama with Kamenashi and found her adorable as Sister Angela, a caring but cool looking sister. I really loved the chemistry Kamenashi had with her (well it helped his character was so damn adorable haha)  and her acting was not bad at all.

I have a feeling that in her recent roles, she often get type casted as the cool,  collective, and distant characters but she is great at acting warm and caring characters as well. I wish to see her in roles like that more but with her marriage and becoming a mother, I feel the roles she plays may be changing but since she is still young and marketable, she still plays roles that are cool and challenging. In a way, it’s great because it’s nice to see young Japanese women playing roles that are not the traditional, submissive woman. She can probably kick so many of the men’s butt lol. I wish she kicks her husband to the curb and stays flawless haha.

I think Meisa is the first girl I literally was pissed at who she got married. She married Akanishi Jin from KAT-TUN (aka Bakanishi) right at the prime of her popularity due to her pregnancy. Because the marriage was unannounced to the agency before their marriage, Jin ended up in a sticky situation where he lost roles and have to compensate for his solo concert. He eventually left the agency and recently started his own agency. But in between those times, he was pretty much a jobless dude. Meisa was fortunate enough to regain her jobs back after the birth of her daughter but Jin never seemed to regain the same kind of job and momentum he had before the marriage.

Then again, I am not really sure of their actual life and relationship so I should not be assuming…but regardless, that’s how much I adore and want to fangirl over. I still love her cool, collected, badass, but warm kind of personality and she is someone I do admire. Although she may be a player or not so nice as rumored, I still admire her dedication to her work and her ability to continue on as a established actress and model.

It must be really hard in a society where women are constantly put down and expect the guy to be the breadwinner. But she does not lose to that mentality and works hard to improve her image and continue to portray her strong character.

So I wish her continuous luck and will continue loving her for being the awesome woman she is<3.  


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