Hirugao – Episode 2

The hole in everyone’s relationship just gets bigger and bigger. With unknown feelings, misunderstandings, and the need to feel wanted, everyone feels incomplete. Sawa hits a bump in her marriage and Rikako’s love of games never ceases to stop. As for the men, well just wait and read. XD

 As Sawa is out hanging the laundry, she thinks back to when Yuichi helped her tie her shoelaces. A cicada flying about interrupts her thoughts and as she is about to whack it, she thinks back to when Yuichi told her about that rare beetle which stops her from killing the sucker. Psh, that wouldn’t stop me. I hate bugs, especially ones as big as cicadas. Her husband is preoccupied with his little hamsters as she asks him about the recent fire. As he’s about to leave for work, she gets him the sunscreen and he complains about how it’s not SPF50. Well, I’m sorry princess! After he leaves, his mother rushes in and needs to have a talk with Sawa. At the Takigawa residence, Toru and their two daughters are commenting how awful the drawing of Rikako looks. She’s, of course, not paying attention and can’t stop thinking about Shu. Before Toru leaves for work, she tries to convince her husband to have Shu draw her again, claiming that she’s not satisfied with his art. Ooh yeahhh. I’m sureee that’s what you’re unsatisfied with. Across the way, Rikako spots Tomoya waiting for her. She drives off and he chases her car.

Even going around in circles.

He catches up, or she eventually stopped, and they’re talking in the car. He tells her to take him back and leave her husband. She doesn’t want to, naturally, and she explains what she wants from him in return: a house with two bedrooms, custody of her kids, etc. She laughs and says she’s just teasing him. Everything was a game and she’s bored now. Sawa’s mother-in-law asks about what she saw the other day, when Tomoya and her were talking. She rambles on about how she knows a lot of housewives have affairs these days. Sawa explains, in monologue form, how she felt her heart racing in her chest at that moment. All they did was talk and she shouldn’t feel guilty about anything. She doesn’t have the courage to do such a thing. However, since that day, she couldn’t stop thinking about Yuichi. In her mind, they held each other, kissed, teased, joked, etc. And she felt unbelievably free. GURL, you almost in the danger zone. Meanwhile at school, Yuichi is having trouble controlling the raging hormones of his students, who are openly making out for the entire school to see. While I’m all for expressing your “love,” have some tact children.

Sawa encounters Rikako at the market, who will be waiting for her after work. Rikako goes on about how 3:00pm is a precious time of the day and her favorite. Sawa states that it’s not hers and she has to do laundry and start cooking dinner. So it’s 3:00 and just as Sawa is about to get on her bike and go home, she heads across the street to look for Rikako. There, she runs into Yuichi, who was told by Rikako to come because of the settlement. You had your chance Sawa, you could’ve just gone home. Meanwhile, Rikako is at Shu’s place, attempting to seduce him and wants him to draw her .. again. She tells him that she did not tell Toru about visiting him. Furthermore, she goes on to explain how she’s treated well for her looks and not respected as a person. Beauty doesn’t last forever. She wants him to draw her exactly how he sees her. He refuses and she leaves, but not before writing down her contact information in case he changes his mind.

Yuichi and Sawa talk about Rikako’s infatuation with physical relationships. Sawa tells Yuichi that she’ll never do such a thing, mentioning her 5 year marriage. And how’s that going for ya? Yuichi is surprised she’s not single because she doesn’t look like she can cook or do housework. Is that supposed to be a compliment? o.O  After that statement, she proceeds to tell him that he tends to stick his foot in his mouth and asks if people get annoyed. Ha. He admits they do and it doesn’t bother him. The conversation goes on and Yuichi reveals that he’s married too, for two years. She’s surprised he’s married too. You two. Sigh. Both of you don’t seem like you’re married lol. She tells him about how she couldn’t kill the cicada. They’re having fun chatting and as Sawa is about to leave, Yuichi asks for her number. Mother-in-law catches her yet again. His wife, Noriko, calls and she wants to go out for dinner. She’s excited to tell him that she’s an associate professor now. She asks him if it bugs him that his wife is an associate professor. He says he’s just surprised and she asks if it’s because she’s a woman. Choose your words wisely, dude. He says it’s not.

At home, Mother-in-law is telling Sawa and Shunsuke her concerns about the two men that she saw Sawa with. Rikako comes over for damage control, stating that both men are her friends. She explains how Sawa is a precious friend of hers and that she wouldn’t hang out with someone who has affairs. Cue eyerolling. Outside, Sawa states it was all because of Rikako in the first place and that they’re not friends. Rikako tells her that she doesn’t befriend just anyone and Sawa just helped her open up. At the publishing company, Toru wants to commission another piece from Shu. He asks Shu why he never draws what he asks and invites him out for a drink. Shu declines telling him to take out his wife instead. Toru asks him what he’s trying to get out and Shu just tells him that he gets to know his subjects when he’s drawing them. Shu further tells him that he will not give up everything just for money and walks away. Toru storms after him, threatening his job. Shu just takes his drawing and leaves. Yuichi is trying to get a drunken Noriko home. When he finally manages to get her through the door, she notices a bag from the market Sawa works at but thinks nothing of it. Just as she’s about to crash on the couch, he tells her to sleep on the bed. In her drunken state, she tells him not to be jealous of her.

In another part of town, Sawa and Shunsuke are having their talk about jealousy as well, except there is none. When Shunsuke says that it’s good how Rikako came over to clear everything up, Sawa asked him if he got jealous. He says he isn’t and that he trusts her 100%. She tells him that’s not the case, he just thinks she’s not attractive enough. He tells her that she’s popular and what not. Just as they’re about to go to sleep, she tells him to be jealous or worry more about her if she’s so popular. She wants to get intimate but he backs out saying he has a cold. In the morning, one of Shunsuke’s hamsters breaks out of the little house and Sawa goes on a search for him. This sends Shunsuke into a fret and starts yelling at her, telling her it’s all her fault. She gets angry and storms out of the house. This is the first time she’s done so in their 5 years of marriage. She wants to call Yuichi but could not bring herself to do so. At the market, Tomoya is introduced as the new employee. When she manages to catch him, she asks him why he’s there. He tells her that he’s turned over a new leaf in order to win Rikako back. Shunsuke is trying to call Sawa but it goes to voicemail. His flirty coworker is at it again. Rikako invites Sawa over for some girl talk. They chat about various things: the house that burned down, Tomoya, and affairs. Sawa tells Rikako that her and Shunsuke are in love. Rikako sees right through it and tells her that Sawa knows he doesn’t love her anymore, but she doesn’t want to lose her lifestyle. She advises Sawa to stay true to herself, or else she’ll explode one day. As Sawa is in the bathroom, Rikako takes her cellphone and almost calls Yuichi. Sawa catches her but Rikako won’t give up the cellphone. Rikako pushes the call button. She hands Sawa the cellphone to call Shu for her. Once she does so, Rikako asks her to be her accomplice if she doesn’t want to be her friend.

That night, they’re all gathered for a friendly dinner. Things are still awkward between Shunsuke and Sawa. Toru arrives home and Shunsuke unleashes his inner fanboy. Sawa receives a call from Yuichi and hesitates to answer. The next day, she listens to the voicemail he left and Yuichi is lecturing his students about their PDA. As he’s lecturing, the female student continues to feel up her boyfriend underneath the table. Noriko is at the supermarket and asks Sawa for help regarding the bento section. Uh oh. This can’t be good. Happenings like this are never good. Sawa returns Yuichi’s call during her break. They’re awkwardly cute on the phone. He tells her that the cicadas are crying and she notices as well. They end up meeting up on a bridge .. somewhere. Rikako is at Shu’s, you know to get that drawing of herself she wants so badly. They move outside and she poses. It starts to rain and she slowly begins to strip. Back to the innocent “couple,” Yuichi is showing and teaching Sawa about beetles. When it starts to rain, they make a run for it, hand-in-hand. They find some shelter and he helps her tie her shoelaces. Cue strange feelings and Sawa’s inner monologue:

Men are always unfair. They knock on the door but never open it. The woman has to unlock it and gently call them in, “I’m here.” Or they’ll pretend to be blind and walk away.

Rikako is still slowly undressing, with Shu just staring at her. Sawa bends down to Yuichi’s level, touching his shoulder, and leans in. He suddenly pushes her away and she stares at him, shocked.


Nothing good ever comes out of things like this. I’m pretty sure the house with the arson is a foreshadowing of what’s to come or could come. I have to hand it to Rikako, she’s verryyy smart. Even though Sawa still pushes her away with her incessant nagging about her marriage, she still manages to convince Sawa in some way regarding marital affairs and Yuichi. I know the two don’t regard each other as friends, but I do hope they end up at least somewhat friends. So far, they’ve bailed each other out of certain situations, but they can’t keep that up forever. A part of me thinks that Rikako would like to regard Sawa as a friend. However, I can’t help but think that Rikako wants someone to crash and burn with her if everything were to fall apart.

On the other hand, Sawa is becoming more vocal about her dissatisfaction with Shunsuke. I’m surprised she’s lasted this long without blowing up, to be honest. Their marriage still baffles me because they never really seem to talk deeply about anything. With Yuichi, they have conversations about anything .. especially bugs. Shivers. I mean, did it have to be bugs!? Why couldn’t it be marine biology, where they can bond over little sea otters or something. T_T  Anyways, I’m still iffy about Yuichi’s feelings for both Sawa and Noriko. He does connect with Sawa, but he’s suppressing so much. With Noriko, they’re both “scientists” so there’s that connection. But, he just looks/feels so miserable. Is he upset that his wife is more successful than he is? If that’s the case, shame on you Yuichi. Of course, we don’t know for sure what his deal is. With Rikako and Shu, I’m sure/know things are going to get more physical between them. -wink wink nudge nudge-



6 out of 10

This has been a Haejin review. ❤


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