#MCM – Okada Junichi

Hi Kumatan14 here!

This is my post for MCM, Man Crush Mondays!! YAYYY ;DD.

My man for this week is…

Okada Flawless Junichi!

mmm loads on sexy with some sweat honey buns


I would say Okada has been my crush for around 13-14 years now. It started with me watching V6’s variety show Gakkou E Ikou. It used to be a lot of fun in the beginning 2000s and I always enjoyed his energy and sense of off beat humor.

Years have passed and he became much more quiet and reserved, but his dorky and adorable self is still in there…and it shines from time to time<3.

But I would like to express why he deserves this flawless title…in more objective, greater detail ^^.

Okada is known to be one of the best actors in the Johnnys Entertainment. He is an idol but many regard to him as a actor and is becoming more and more accepted by the general audience. I watched a documentary on Johnnys idols and how they receive no acting training…which makes guys like Okada, a gem in the entertainment industry. He did not RECEIVE training to get to where he is at in acting. But he trained himself and RECEIVED certification as a instructor in various martial arts to do his stunts effectively. His efforts paid off, scoring him leading roles in dramas like SP, which required him to use his martial techniques and he actually did the stunts for the show. He also mentioned previously that he thinks about his future and as a actor, so he also thinks about how to sustain himself in this industry.

I admire that aspect of him and the fact he can objectively view himself has really paid off. He is the lead of big name movies such as Eien no 0.As it is a movie of serious nature, it is a great feat. He also scored a lead role in a Taiga Drama, which is a year long historical drama on NHK. NHK is one of those channels that have various viewership from old to young…so the actor/actress has to be known by the general public. Seeing how he got the main lead, it shows his ability and how the general public views him as a established actor.

I enjoyed his previous works such as Kisarazu Cats Eye (Which show his loud and off the wall personality) but I would say his most enjoyable role for me was Suekko Chonan Ane Sannin. He was the youngest and only son of a family of three daughters, a mother, and a wife who lied about her age. It was a cute drama as he was the peace maker and the adorable son of the family. He has that cool but warm kind of character, which makes me continue liking him.

I feel like I spoke as much as I can and will keep adding reasons of why I like him so much :D. He is a flawless voice actor too, voice acting in Ghibli Movies. I am still waiting for more glorious photos from the sex edition of An An…if he were to do it again.


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