It’s been a while!

Hello fellow drama lovers!

I know it’s been so long since my last post/review. But what can I say, life calls and unfortunately I haven’t had the time to review on anything. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been watching any dramas .. because I have xD   In light of the summer, I plan to start reviewing again once the summer Japanese summer dramas start. Hopefully, I can keep it up due to my busy schedule.

In drama news, I see that the Korean HanaKimi (note: I refuse to call it “To the Beautiful You” because it sounds .. yeahhh >.>) will air soon .. err sorta soon. When I saw the cast, I literally had a blank stare. If it was anyone, I was hoping Amber from f(x) could do it lol. I’m not planning on watching it right when it airs; maybe a longgg longgg time afterwards. It took me forever to finish BoF haha xD

In other news, our resident writer/reviewer LTabi has created a new blog called “Confessions of a Traveling Newbie!” Just as the title says, she’ll be blogging about her travels whether domestically or internationally. Please check it out! She’s planning on going to Hong Kong and Taiwan, with a layover in Korea, in a month! The link is on the side, but if you’re too lazy (like me lol) to scroll down .. here:

All the best wishes to her on her travels!


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