Control ~犯罪心理捜査~


  • Title: CONTROL~犯罪心理捜査~
  • Title (romaji): Control ~ Hanzai Shinri Sousa
  • Tagline: 心が解ければ、事件が解ける。
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Police, psychological
  • Episodes: 11
  • Viewership ratings: TBA
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 2011-Jan-11 to 2011-Mar-22
  • Air time:Tuesday 21:00
  • Theme song:Ginga no Hoshikuzu by Kuwata Keisuke (桑田佳祐)





Segawa Rio, a quick-acting detective, gets transferred to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Violent Crimes Division after she got shot during her previous case. She is made to work together with Nagumo Jun, a level-headed but eccentric psychology professor whose skills at behavioral analysis are the key to tracking down the criminals. There’s also Teranishi Kei, a shy young detective who’s had a crush on Segawa since their days at the academy…








Matsushita Nao as Segawa Rio :: Coming off her Gegege no Nyobu fame, Matsushita Nao stars as a detective who is forced to technically babysit Professor Nagumo. Although I like Matsushita Nao, this role felt kind of dry in terms of character and storyline. Sure she’s a strong headed detective with an immense sense of justice, but that’s nothing new. She portrayed this role adequately; however, I am used to the tough/cool images that Shinohara Ryoko is famed for. On the other hand, Segawa Rio isn’t hard-boiled in anyway. Actually, she’s quite goofy, doesn’t think before she acts, and sometimes annoying. If you look at the entire drama, she’s practically useless unless you need a runner. Overall, .. okay.


Fujiki Naohito as Nagumo Jun :: Oh Fujiki Naohito, a man who ages so damn well. Yet, why are you hiding your awesome looks behind the fur you call facial hair!? Tsk tsk tsk. Anyway .. after watching the first episode, Nagumo Jun reminds me of the drama Galileo. His character is  quite similar with the only exception being their field of study. Of course, if I had to choose, I’d pick Fukuyama Masaharu’s character any day. Why? Because his character had more substance compared to Nagumo Jun. Nagumo Jun seems to be lacking something that will make him a great character. Although he is my favorite character in this drama, something feels .. empty. Oh just on a side note, Nagumo Jun has a strange addiction to jam bread.


Yokoyama Yu as Teranishi Kei :: Why hello Yokoyama Yu! .. I BARELY noticed you in this drama despite being 2nd leading male. This isn’t the best role I’ve seen Yoko in, nor is it the worst. Actually, I never disliked you in any role. Although Teranishi Kei likes Segawa, it’s not enough to be a full fledged side plot in this drama. Although we do get to see the stoic Teranishi go a bit emotional in episodes 8-9, it’s not a huge deal. Not much else I can say besides the fact that he needed more screen time in this.



Storyline &* Relationships


I am aware that this section is about the storyline and relationships presented in this drama. However, there’s barely any relationships in this to begin/end with so we’ll just skip that part.


In all honesty, this drama reminds me of 3 shows/dramas: Galileo, MR. BRAIN, and Lie To Me. Galileo – because it revolves around a university professor who’s a bit strange. MR. BRAIN – because of the strange male lead who works directly with the police. Lie To Me – because he’s a psychology professor who concentrates on human behavior. Although this drama has aspects of all 3 shows, it doesn’t come close to their prowess and (I’ll just say it) awesomeness.


With each new case, the length of time it takes to solve them lengthen. I guess that’s just a simple plot device for most dramas. Of course, each case gets more complicated than the previous one. As each case builds up on suspense, we are left with the final case that focuses on Segawa Rio and Nagumo Jun. There is really isn’t anything I haven’t seen before in this drama. Although the cases are interesting (I’m only saying this because I love crime & mystery plotlines), they are also incredibly predictable. Sometimes the criminal isn’t obvious, but most of the time .. they are.


There is one thing/character that wasn’t predictable. It was Nagumo’s persistent university student that pesters him nonstop with questions about his lectures/lessons. I didn’t figure that she would be involved in the final case. I was wrong T_T That student created a fake kidnapping; however, the tables turned and she was really kidnapped. A ransom was asked for and her father forked over 100 million yen. YOU GOT JACKED! I won’t spoil it and say who the real culprit is .. however, I can tell you that it’s not someone surprising. At least, to me it’s not someone surprising. The best/most interesting case (in my opinion) was about Nagumo’s friend/former university rival. He challenges Nagumo to a murder mind game that only .. Nagumo can figure out. The murder plot is similar to Strangers on a Train. You’ll have to watch it on your own since I don’t want to disclose all details about it.


Overall, an average drama that lacks a lot of depth and needs a deeper plot. I was hoping that Yokoyama Yu/Teranishi Kei would be more involved in the drama as a whole, but he merely stands in the background as Segawa Rio runs around chasing after the bad guys .. ALONE. This is where I felt irritated the most. Normally, you do not go after a criminal BY YOURSELF and without a dang weapon. Nagumo actually points this out in episode 1. I guess she doesn’t learn her lesson -__-;; BAKA. But here, Segawa is running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to apprehend the suspects. Basic rules of dramas, movies, and .. heck .. police regulations! Amazingly, she comes out unharmed in all these circumstances. Just like how all the old James Bonds’ would be injured/banged up one day and miraculously scratch free the next.



Rating: 6.5 out of 10


Too many holes & lacks a bigger plot.





info &* synopsis credits to dramawiki

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