[News] Casting for the Korean HanaKimi .. REALLY!?

So everyone, guess what I just got wind of ..


Part of the casting for the Korean version of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e will be based on fan votes.


What can I say? .. A LOT




And let the complaining/rambling begin.


First of all, REALLY!?!?!?  It’s bad enough that HanaKimi is getting a remake, this is just another way to put the series down. Netizens can vote for some of the characters .. truly utter crap to me. Not only are they not even bothering to cast properly, they are basically putting no real effort into actually trying to make this drama work. My hopes for keeping this drama IDOL-FREE is basically shot down now. I have taken a look at the prospective list of the leading cast. One word: horrendous. Most of them have no proper acting experience or training.


A friend had told me to not compare. Well I can’t help it! Especially with what’s going on. At this rate, they will ruin HanaKimi for me. I do not want to avoid watching this version altogether because I love the Japanese drama and the manga too much to not watch. Yes, I even gave the Taiwanese version a shot .. but, Ella looked too much like a guy and her facial expressions just screamed annoying/over-acting to me.


Why is SM doing this? I figure they’re trying to gain the success JYP had with Dream High. Although it may have had really decent ratings, there was nothing spectacular to me aside from a few good actors/actresses (yes, I’m talking about Eunjung) and a couple of poor/awkward actors/actresses (I’m not gonna bother to name them for I may be bricked by some overly obsessive fans. Don’t deny it; you know it was awkward too!). Everything else just seemed too trendy with no real substance. This is exactly what will/could happen to this drama. In all honesty, I’m just so disappointed that it all feels like they’re making a mockery of HanaKimi.


And most definitely, things will not change for the better. I can only hope but that will just be a waste of my efforts to even think that things can change for the better.


I’m going to try to make this post .. happier? Here they are .. MY LOVES:




Eat your heart out! xD







19 thoughts on “[News] Casting for the Korean HanaKimi .. REALLY!?

  1. Hi.

    I totally agree with you. the japanese version of Hana kimi is still the best for me as well. Although the show is full of ikemen, there are a lot of good actors there and so many funny moments that even the taiwanese Hana Kimi couldn’t accomplish.

    When I read that SM will be doing a remake of Hana Kimi, I really felt disappointed and scared they’ll ruin the whole story altogether. Plus too much SM idols on the drama? That might just get sickening with too much fan-service. I don’t want to get bashed, but seriously, SM artists are bad actors and actresses.


  2. I have been waiting for the Korean version for a while. The japanese version sucked. The taiwanese version was awesome but had a odd abrupt ending. So I hope they do a goo job. Hmm I wonder who SM will choose from their idols. I know most people will think Amber but she doesn’t exactly have any acting experience even though she would fit the character look wise.


  3. Hey calm down not all SM artist are bad at acting. I mean look at Lee Yeon Hee and Changmin from DBSK on their drama Parasie Ranch. I say they were pretty good. I guess I’ll admit Shinee Minho from Pianist could be better, but hey he can practice and learn. Personally I didn’t like the Japanese version much cause the plot was straying away from the manga plot, and Taiwanese version has the closest plot to the manga. Though I’ll admit, -0- Ella was kinda annoying abit. and hey dont make fun of her for her boysih looks. It made the drama more realistic. I mean horikita maki looked too much like a girl (her acting was excellent though)…So why not give it a chance? If it is THAT bad when it’s release..hey I’m not stopping you from releasing your anger 🙂


  4. Well, now there is a REMAKE of the Japanese version, with an entirely new cast. SM is still under going though, lets see how this works. But I think you should go hyper about Ouran High School Host Club being a jdrama that is going to air next month… >w>


  5. It’s really annoying to see some bad comments about the Japanese version of Hana Kimi. Just please, shut the hell up.

    like, “The japanese version sucked”

    I really hate your comment, candyapple. You wanna know why? It’s because as if you’re waaaaaayyyyy better than all of them.


  6. Hey… I’m couldn’t agree with you.. I mean not all SM artist sucks in acting.. Look at Kim Hee Chul and Choi Siwon.. Both of them are good actors. However, I agree that most of the female artists not involve much in acting, but we can still give them a chance didn’t we? Honestly, I like taiwan version more than Japan version.. japan version was hilarious but it story line was far away than the original when compared to Taiwan… for me Ella is feminine enough.. She actually can be feminine if she wants.. But I couldn’t wait to watch the korean version… One more thing, maybe the company wants the fan to vote as they wants to know which pair that most of the fans will like… I mean, I’m a fan and I’ll be glad enough if I can choose my favorite artist… Don’t you think so? Well, just my opinion though… Hehehe..


  7. I agree that the japanese version is the best… I mean the way they acting as a comic relief was outstanding..! I wonder if these all of these SM idols would do something that will ‘tarnish’ their idol image… I’m not bashing anyone here, because I am also their fan… but still I wonder if they can act as nonchalantly as the japanese version original cast?? that’s the case actually…

    I think the cast should be… (well, this is my POV only…)
    Ashiya Mizuki = Amber/ Soo young
    Sano Izumi = Choi Minho
    Nakatsu Shuichi = Kim Jonghyun
    Minami Nanba = Park Yoochun


  8. Japanese version is awesome.. but why are they doing a remake?! i saw a raw posted and that was WEIRD. Ikuta Toma was beyond amazing as Nakatsu.. and the rest of the cast was perfect as well.!
    Taiwanese version was jsut annoying.
    the Korea version is going to be awesome eye candy for sure, but im sure it’ll just be another Boys Before Flowers–sooo much unnecessary extended scenes and side-stories.


  9. I like the japanese drama better knowing Mizushima Hiro, Oguri Shun & Toma Ikuta are there. I have no against in every adaptations, except, the manga’s version is much much more awesome. But I don’t like Horikita Maki because she’s simply annoying and her acting skills throughout ever “drama” she makes are just too repetitive and plain boring. >_< that's just my opinion though… everyone's entitled to one right? nonetheless why make a blog.


  10. Lol, i dont really think you should be saying anything about overly obsessed fans. clearly your one, just not of the same genre. your a fan of this series. you shouldnt put down sm artists because they are singers. they worked hard to get where there at and i hope they are in this show. i’ll watch it with a smile ^_^


    1. @Skye It’s called an opinion for a reason. I never said I was not an overly obsessed fan. Besides, I’ve been listening to SM artists since before I could remember, more than 10 years ago. I’m not putting them down just because they are singers, actually .. I’m not even putting them down at all. Sorry, if it came out that way. I just do not approve of the approach to casting this drama. It should be based on the merit of each person’s acting abilities, not a fan voting of who people want to see for the role. Great talents do come from SM, but there are also greater talents who are not of an idol-based background that can give justice to a great storyline. Many of these talents are not giving an opportunity nowadays due to the surge of idols in the drama market. Of course, the times have changed.

      I’ve seen remakes being butchered to no end over the past couple of years. PK and BOF to name a couple. BOF started off okay, then it got super draggy for my tastes. Heck, if an anime of HanaKimi came out I’m sure I would like it more than the Japanese Drama version if it held true to the manga (like the TW version did).

      I’m surprised people are still commenting on blog made about a year ago that I did just to vent some stress lol xD


  11. Lol, sorry thought you were putting them down. i do see where your coming from though, i had to stop watching BOF and re watch it later. i came across this blog when i was looking for the release date and cast Lmao, didnt realize it was a year old haha. but yea. sorry ^_^


  12. I know this is old, but I’ll reply anyways. I haven’t read the manga but from what I read that they changed in the story it wasn’t that bad. Ultimately, the story connected Sano and Mizuki, and made Mizuki’s purpose understandable. The cast was absolutely amazing. They gathered a bunch of great actors and filled the story with laughter. I felt that each of the characters were unique and kind-hearted. I just felt that Dorm 3 was somewhat left in the dark. The only one that ever talked was Oscar while in the other dorms you would get more lines from the others guys in the dorm.

    I’m disappointed to hear that the cast for Hana Kimi Korea is going to be selected by fans. The sad thing is that fans tend to give more appraisal to the K-Dramas than the J-Dramas. Yeah, K-Dramas have a better budget and good-looking actors but that shouldn’t be the reason why they’re considered better than the Japanese. Overall, I prefer Japanese dramas because they tend to be more wholesome. They always find some way to make it unique and aren’t as loved filled as the K-Dramas and of course they’re hilarious and don’t focus so much on looks. Anways, I hope that all goes well with the Korean remake. I wasn’t that interested in the Taiwan version.

    My Favorite Dramas:
    Hana Kimi (Japan)
    Dream High 1 (Korea)
    Brown Sugar Macchiato/ Smiling Pasta (Taiwan)


  13. Taiwanese version was the first to come out and in my opinion is the better of the two. However, a lot of people (me included) prefer K-dramas are really excited for this drama, if you don’t like it then dont watch it. It is however upsetting that the fans pick the cast because I have seen many of the picks and they are not good choices at all!


    1. @Kelsey Wow, did you take notice of how old the post is? I’m not sure if you were being aggressive or not with your comment. If you check my latest post titled “It’s been a while,” I am contemplating on watching it. And if I do end up watching it, it won’t be in the immediate future. I get really confused when people tell me “If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it” because I have others telling me to “give it a chance, you might like it.” I started off watching kdramas, mind you. After a while, they became really redundant. So yeah. Cheers.


  14. ok the japanese version is the best for the laugh and friendship and actors the tawanese version is close to the real story of the manga and the actress is really good and the actors too but I CANT ACCEPT FROM THE KOREAN TO RUIN THIS MANGA. SO SM YOU BETTER GIVE US a good drama and im not joking if it to dramatic like you did with boys over flower im goin to kill you and if there are no bromance too im goin to kill you and if its not funny like THE TAWANESE VERSION AND JAPANESE VERSION DID IT IM GOIN TO KILL YOU TOOO SO DID DRAMA THAT I CARE ABOUT BETTER BE FUCKING SUPER DUPA GOOD 🙂


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