[News] Hanazakari no Kimitachi e .. Korean Version?

Guess what to all HanaKimi fans!


There’s going to be yet ANOTHER drama version of it.

Produced by SME.


Want to know what I think?



In all honesty, I really HATE this idea. There are already 2 versions of it, the Japanese one being one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE dramas. This has yet become another HanaYoriDango spectacle, I preferred HYD to BoF anyway. This is the first time I’ve written something other than a drama review. Why? Because this has fired me up (and not in an exciting way). The minute I read about this, my irritation just soared for the day.


I know people will say “Give them a chance” or “you haven’t even watched it yet so how can you judge?”  Well, I know all that. But wouldn’t you react the same way if something like this was being done to one of your favorite manga/drama? Also, this further confirms my suspicion that Korea is running out of drama ideas. They should turn their manhwas into dramas rather than using mangas so much. I also dislike the fact that many fans will start to judge/compare one of my favorite actresses/my Japanese idol, Horikita Maki’s, performance to that of the Korean actress that will star in this version. Although both styles may differ, it’s about the culture that the drama portrays from the manga. This, I thought, is what the Japanese version did so well. Although I know for a fact that the Korean version will focus heavily on the romance, as opposed to the Japanese version. However, this is what I thought was so great about it. The fact that everything was so carefree and sweet at the same time.


So .. YES, I am being butthurt about it. In addition, the actors from the Japanese version left such an impression of the roles they each portrayed. All those shoes will be hard to fill, or create a new portrayal of. Everyone from Mizuki to Sano to Nakatsu (especially YOU NAKATSU) to Oscar (really .. who can have this much high tension??) to our resident gay boy, Nakao (love you Kimura Ryo!) to the one and only ghost boy (Yamamoto Yusuke, you’re so awesome) to Dorm 2’s best player to set foot on this planet (Mizushima Hiro, come back soon please!) to even the Hibari 4 (yes .. even them). I’m not going to say I am excited, anxious, or anything like that. Am I anticipating it? Yes. Because I’m curious? Yes. But, also because I’ll have my hawk eyes watching each character and how much they could possibly ruin (or do better) for me. Even if some of my favorite Korean actors/actresses were to be casted, I probably won’t jump in fannish glee but I will be a little intrigued. And no doubt, SME will probably cast some of their idols. And I’m not the type of person to be excited about idols AT ALL. Yes, I watched Dream High but I definitely was not impressed by anything what-so-ever. I merely watched it out of curiosity and dumped it after the episode 2.


What I have been wanting to avoid for 3-4 years now, has suddenly been crushed within an hour -sigh-. I will leave you with the awesome cast that I dearly love:


And a great memory that will always be remembered:




This has been a Haejin complaint xD


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