Big Bang – 4th Mini Album

Language: Korean
Genre: Pop/Dance
Released: 24 February 2011


Track List:

  6. CAFE





Uwaaa~ it’s been a while, hasn’t it? As usual, laziness combined with a crazy life has stopped me from writing reviews. Have no fear, I will not quit completely! This may seem like a random review post .. BUT it’s because some of the loves of my music life has returned after 2 LONG FREAKIN YEARS! Although in the meantime, I did find new loves -cough SHINee cough- (Yeah, I haven’t reviewed them .. yet ;] ). Seriously though, 2 years? Do they realize how much I’ve aged since then!? (Okay, I’m only 21 however it seriously feels like I’ve been waiting 10 years here. Can’t blame a girl for being overly dramatic xD )


Now I know they’ve been in Japan (musically) for most of the 2 years, but there’s nothing like listening to them in their native language ^.^  I’m counting on them to win MANY awards with this .. I hope. Alright, I guess I should stop my fangirl ramblings and get straight to the review. Here it is:


I know it’s not just me, but these guys sure like to CAPS LOCK their song titles. While that’s all cool and everything, I get tired of capitalizing everything xD


This may be just an INTRO, but a simple INTRO it is not! Call me biased or whatever, this intro has a sick beat to it (thanks GD, I see your name all over the composer credits. I wonder how much your bonus is for composing the songs.)  Right in the beginning of this, you get to see how great their spelling is! “B-I-G B-A-N-G T-H-E B-E-S-T” Grammatically, however, not the best. They sure love to spell their group name in most of their songs, not that I’m complaining or anything .. it’s just .. I already know who you guys are, so. LOL. What I like about this INTRO compared to others is the amount of singing in it (despite them saying “I’m fine” & “Thank you & you”). Usually, most intros just have a few words saying how their back and yada yada with a few elongated “oh~” in between.


Alright, I know this was featured on their Japanese single “Tell Me Goodbye” (great song, btw) .. but it’s still good! Seriously a catchy beat with a catchy hook. A good way to get the tension up before their title track. Party anyone? Not to mention that MY love Daesung is all over that chorus ;D   I seriously can’t casually listen to this song. I either have to dance or sing (or even both) whenever I hear it. Trying to complete homework while listening to this is a definite NO because I never get anything done haha. Enough said.


TONIGHT (Title Track)
So this is the title track for this mini-album. Great choice, I’d have to say. After getting your spirit up with HANDS UP, this is a great song to follow. Definitely a club-like song, especially with sounds of hands clapping in there. The mellow guitar part near the end is a good touch. As expected, lots of rapping in the beginning and throughout. Of course, this is the title track they’re going to be promoting so naturally we need to have TOP do something. I’m thinking the dance moves to this song are going to be easy, gotta help out TOP right? If anyone recalls GD&TOP’s promotions, you see GD all over the stage while TOP kinda stands around doing what he does best – dropping down those hot raps.  It’d be interesting to see them go back to harder dance steps like those “La La La” days. What’s interesting about this track is that no doubt it’ll sound the exact same when they perform it live. Not the fact that they’re awesome singers and can hold their own for sure, more like the crowd will sound the exact same with the clapping and the cheering. Can’t wait to see it~


Once again, a recycled song except this is off their BEAUTIFUL HANGOVER single. I actually preferred this song rather than BEAUTIFUL HANGOVER (once again, so much capitalization. At this rate, a lower-cased track title will stand out even more.) Despite this song having the same title as that Bieber song, this one I like more. The hook for this song is catchy as well. “Somebody to love~ I want somebody to love~” You know what I say, love ME damn it! What’s great about this track is that it’s not incredibly fast-paced. While HANDS UP is a Daesung centered chorus, SOMEBODY TO LOVE is a YoungBae (TaeYang. I prefer to call him by his real name xD ) centered chorus. And I sure as hell not complaining! The once rapper-turned-vocalist for the sake of BB has such a beautiful set of pipes.


THIS TRACK! I seriously LOVE this track! Compared to all the other tracks on this mini-album, this is my absolute favorite. It’s not too fast-paced and it’s definitely not slow, it’s perfect. And the beat .. don’t get me started on the music itself. It’s just too awesome. And again, the hook is catchy as hell. “What is right and what is wrong~” Let me tell you, everything with this song is RIGHT and there is nothing WRONG with it! Highly recommended if I had to say. There are no words to describe how good this song is, you’ll just have to listen to it yourself.


CAFE .. I love this song too! Why? Because there’s no electronic in it, and it’s purely vocal. No autotune, just the way I like my music. It shows that they’re not just all about the electro-pop sound because this song has a R&B mixed with a bit of a jazz vibe. Some may not be able to hear it or have the same opinion as me, but I think it’s true. In the beginning, TOP’s “I remember” scared the heck outta me. Not because it was out of nowhere, but because his voice was extremely deep. Anyway, the flow of this song is very soothing. Then there’s TOP’s rap: “iced coffee, espresso, double shot”  – that’s a lot of caffeine boys! And I didn’t expect this song to actually involve a cafe, proved me wrong xD  Immediately following TOP’s deep voice, is a falsetto chorus (no doubt GD & Taeyang). Interesting balance. Then there’s Daesung solo lines <333  It’s been so long since I’ve heard him belt out, I nearly died. All-in-all, a REALLY GOOD SONG!



Another great thing about this mini-album is the track placement of each song. From the Intro to HANDS UP t0 TONIGHT and so on, it’s really great. There is a downside to this album and that would be the lack of tracks. 2 and a half years boys .. we’re dying for more. But as a fan, I’ll take what I can get. Another downside is the lack of harmonization that I am used to hearing from them. And there you have it! BB’s 4th mini-album has been reviewed and here’s something I rarely do, provide a download link! Yes, I’m that ecstatic about this xD  However, I do put a password for the MU link. Don’t worry, I have it provided below the link. And think of it this way, my links NEVER die ^.^


Password: t0n1gHt



Rating: 8 out of 10


I must have missed them so much T_T
Glad to have you back BB!
This really is a good mini-album though.






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