Tsuki no Koibito – Episode 3

  • Title: 月の恋人
  • Title (romaji): Tsuki no Koibito
  • Tagline: Moon Lovers
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Romance
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 2010-May-10 start
  • Air time: Monday 21:00
  • Theme song: LOVE RAIN ~ Koi no Ame ~ by Kubota Toshinobu

Episode 03 Review

Finally, episode 3! With this I’ll be all caught up on this drama with the reviews. Gotta warn you though, not much goes on in this episode. However, there are a number of good flail worthy scenes :]

Unlike the second episode, there is no continuation of the kiss scene between Xiu Mei and Rensuke (thank goodness!). Instead, Rensuke, Maemi, and Kazami are giving a furniture presentation to the president of Creighton. Yes, that very same fat, old, ugly pig who was all over Xiu Mei in the last episode.

I love it when these three are in the same scenes together ^.^
And there he is, the old creep >_>

Well, the president is pleased and the scene cuts to Rensuke and Maemi leaving the meeting room. Rensuke states that they got him, so you know what that meansssss. Competition, over! Maemi is happy and Rensuke mumbles that it’s all because of her. Of course, she can’t hear you so her reaction is to naturally go .. “eh?” At this, Rensuke walks towards her and ..

whispers “It’s all because of you.”

Tell me this isn’t cute! I dare you! So she’s even happier now and he offers her a high .. err .. low-five. She goes to slap his hand and he moves it away. Gotcha! I guess the look on her face was rather funny after that because ..

He cracks a smile! =D

That’s right, folks! THE Hazuki Rensuke just smiled .. in front of someone =O  -gasp!!-   Utter cuteness~ The scene switches to the Onuki house where President Onuki was just informed that Regolith has won over Creighton. Yuzuki proceeds to tell her father that Rensuke got him .. and she doesn’t plan to lose either. Back at Regolith, another meeting is being held where Rensuke introduces Maemi to the rest of his staff. He then informs everyone that she’s going to be in charge of the new project  and Xiu Mei. However, most of his staff isn’t pleased because two of them were in charge of that project. Well, not anymore so suck it up! JK! Rensuke leaves the meeting room and Maemi goes out after him. She’s upset because he didn’t tell her about any of this and says that it is impossible for her. He then reassures her saying, “If it’s you, you can do it.” Since apparently, only she can make Xiu Mei into a star. He leaves his office and says, “Don’t you need your underlings?” He also suggests that she work in the studio at Regolith and gives her an office/work space right outside his!  That’s a sweet deal, don’t you think? Next we see Maemi bringing along Tsuguo and Rina (I finally remember their names!) to the photoshoot. They walk into the dressing room and meet Xiu Mei. The scene changes to Yuzuki and her model friend who informs her that Regolith is doing a photo shoot in the next studio. Next thing you know, Yuzuki disappears:

It’s amazing! She’s like Flash~

During the photo shoot, everyone is working hard and Maemi suggests that they take a five minute break. She heads towards her laptop and looks through the pictures. Kazami shows up (like always) and Maemi knows that where there’s Kazami, there’s .. Rensuke! She knows him oh-so well, it’s amazing. Once Rensuke enters the room, he heads to Xiu Mei who’s writing away in her little journal. She tells him not to look because “her hiragana is still bad.” She’s then being called away and leaves, but not without telling him to not look at it. During all this, Maemi ..

looks on unhappily. And ..

Yuzuki looks at them with jealousy.

Rensuke then sits next to Maemi and looks through the pictures with her. Yuzuki walks in front of them, holding a camera. She asks Rensuke, “What do you think is in here?” Rensuke – “Ah. Shanghai panda?” LMAO!  Upset, Yuzuki tells him its a picture of him and Xiu Mei kissing, loud enough for everyone to hear. She threatens to make it the next media scoop unless he goes out on a date with her. He complies after Maemi tells him to just go. In Xiu Mei’s dressing room, Kazami approaches her and asks how the kiss was. She’s shocked that he knows. Honestly, what isn’t she getting shocked about. She’s shocked at almost everything she finds out, kinda stupid really. Anyway, she then tells Kazami that she plans to make Rensuke fall for her and she’ll crush his heart. Another stupid move. Why the hell would she tell anyone her plan, let alone Kazami who is Rensuke’s right hand man. Albeit he does have ulterior motives, but still. BAKA! She’s a complete idiot in my book. Well, he then asks if such a thing is even possible and leaves. Meanwhile, Rensuke and Maemi are walking past her dressing room and have a little moment where she’s smiling away cutely and he asks her what’s up. Xiu Mei comes out of her dressing room and drags him away from Maemi, who ..

makes a pouty face xD

Inside the dressing room, Xiu Mei turns on her seduction mode:

not very convincing right? Yeah, I think so too -_-

During her “seduction,” she asks if they should get married. Okay, lesson number one in seducing. You don’t ask the guy you’re trying to seduce to marry you! Especially so early in the game!! My god she frustrates me soooo much, it’s unbelievable. Well, Rensuke then begins to laugh and she’s like “what’s so funny?” You are, you moron!  Scene changes to Rensuke leaving a meeting and his staff ask him about Mineoka-san. They’re uneasy about the current situations and ask him for a word of encouragement. Rensuke states that those who need words of encouragement are weak and shouldn’t be working here. Yep, he’s an ass to his staff. After he leaves, Kazami informs him that Xiu Mei seems very anxious and to be careful. She shows up behind them and says she’s hungry. Suddenly, an old man is fighting off the security and he just happens to be Xiu Mei’s father. She’s happy to see him and takes him to the Chinese restaurant she’s living at. She tells him to stay with her, etc. Back at Regolith, Maemi is looking at  the pictures from the photoshoot as Tsuguo and Rina are chatting away about the kiss behind her. She tells them that they’re too noisy and to be quiet xD  Just the usual routine haha~   She takes a water break and Kazami asks her out to eat, to which she agrees. Their mode of transportation is ..

Kazami’s motorcycle!
This is just wayyyyy too cute! -jumps in fannish glee-

Maemi: Hey, are we ditching work?
Kazami: Yes, we are!
Maemi: This feels great~!!

So, where are they going on their little lunch date?

The beach!! How romantic~~

During their lunch date, Kazami asks if Maemi likes Rensuke. She replies by saying that she’s just worried about him. Yeah, I’m sure that’s the case lol.  Since Maemi has known Rensuke for a long time, she discloses that out of all the girls he’s “dated,” Xiu Mei was different. Xiu Mei is the kindest out of all of them. Kazami then admits, “This honest side of Maemi, I like you.” She then asks him to repeat it since it’s been a while that she’s heard it. He then gets shy and says nevermind. Then race back to work because Maemi forgot to give Rensuke her new project plan. At the office, Maemi catches Rensuke taking a water break and hands him her idea/plan. He immediately agrees and says to go forward with it. She then ..

goes up to his face, takes off his sunglasses, and says “roger!”
Oh yeah, and this is all in front of his staff HAHA.

The scene switches to a meeting between Rensuke and Onuki Shachou. Onuki congratulates him on the Creighton competition and proceeds to interrogate him about his intentions towards his daughter, Yuzuki. The meeting’s initial intention is about both companies working together; however, Onuki is concerned for his daughter’s well-being. Rensuke states that he hasn’t laid one finger on her, which is relatively true considering she’s been doing all the clinging and touching. The scene changes to Rensuke and Yuzuki’s promised date ..

at the zoo! How appropriate xD

I actually find Yuzuki quite cute here. She’s not as annoying as she was in episode 1. So on this date, she suggests that he marry her and all the benefits his company will get if he does. She goes further by stating she doesn’t mind being used by him. My god girl! Grow some dignity will you!! Oh yeah, it turns out she didn’t really take the picture of his kiss with Xiu Mei. That was pretty obvious though haha. After the date, Rensuke enters his company and is stopped by Kijihata, who presents a relief plan concerning the factory workers in Shanghai – that are now fired due to insufficient standards of operation. He suggests that they re-educate the workers so they know the system. However, remember .. Rensuke is an ass to his employees and he once again shows what a jerk he is by ripping up the proposal. Kijihata  asks him “does nothing matter but the progression of the company?” Rensuke leaves to his office and ponders at his desk. He takes out four coins and thinks some more. Kazami calls him and informs him about Xiu Mei’s father; here we see a transaction going on with the father and some shady guys. Rensuke arrives at the Chinese restaurant and asks if Xiu Mei is there. He gets interrogated by one of the guys about her well being to which, Rensuke ignores. He goes up to her room and meets her father. He notices his condition and tells him that the company takes care of him. As he’s leaving, he picks up one of the many credit cards on the floor. He and Xiu Mei are out and she gets him to take a picture with her after thanking him. I guess you can call this the calm before the storm. Next, we see Kazami sitting in Rensuke’s office on the phone with .. well Rensuke, saying he’ll take care of it.

Next scene, we see Maemi, Tsuguo, and Rina looking at two pictures. They are deciding which one to use for their project. All of a sudden ..

Rensuke pops out of no where.
Maemi – “you’re too close!” x]

He states that one of this is better and they choose that one. He sits next to her and Kazami walks in. He says to Maemi that their little date was fun and she thanks him. Rensuke asks her, “Are you dating Kazami?” She says no and explains how she has no time for an office romance. Rensuke gives his opinion on how Kazami is nice for her and tells her ..

“You should sometimes go out and have fun with someone like Kazami.
Then give great focus to your work.”

Totally cute! Later, Maemi receives a call from Xiu Mei asking to come over and talk. During their conversation, Maemi tells her a little bit about Rensuke’s past. His parents separated when he was young, his mother dated many guys, he had to often move, and when he came back to his hometown, none of his classmates remembered him. Maemi deduces that the reason why Rensuke is so cold and is so business focused is because he wants to be remembered and his company will help him do that. Xiu Mei states that she’s working hard for her friends and her family. She asks Maemi, “what or who do you work hard for?” Outside, Maemi thinks about the question as she gazes at the moon. I say it’s kinda obvious who she’s working hard for ;D   That same night, Yuzuki is on her way home admiring the picture she took of Rensuke sleeping in the taxi.  She then sees Mineoka at her doorstep and entering her house. She walks in and listens to the conversation her father and Mineoka are having. Since Mineoka was hiding behind the door during the meeting Onuki had with Rensuke, we can finally say .. TRAITOR!  Mineoka shows Onuki the new poster/campaign for Regolith (which is called Regolith in Love). The campaign focuses on young couples who are moving in together. Yuzuki is now shocked and doesn’t know what to do. The next day, the new poster is finished and Tsuguo brings it in for everyone to see. Two copies were made and Xiu Mei brings it to her father. Maemi enters Rensuke’s office and finds Xiu Mei’s practice/journal book. Feeling nostalgic, she flips through it and begins to read everything.

Meanwhile, Xiu Mei goes to her room and her father is no where to be seen. She runs outside and looks frantically in every directing. She finally notices ..

Kazami approaching her.
The guy pops up everywhere, ne.

He tells her that her father was sent away, back to Shanghai. Why? Turns out that her father was stealing/forging credit cards. Having a model who’s father is a criminal is unacceptable for the company. He further tells her that it was all Rensuke’s idea/plan.  Guess what! Xiu Mei is shocked again! Surpriseeeee. She then says she doesn’t want to do it anymore and Kazami stops her from taking off. He tells her, “if you want revenge, you have to hide your claws. They will get theirs when the time comes.” GAHHH! Kazami, what are you telling her?? While all this is going down, Maemi is reading Xiu Mei’s journal aloud. The contents consists of how she wants to protect her parents, yada yada. When she gets to the part about Rensuke, Maemi stops and exits his office. Rensuke picks up the journal and begins to read. The way Xiu Mei writes her journal is like a five year old -_-;  When he gets to the part about him, it reads – “Hazuki-sans’s heart is cold, I want to warm it.” I find this realllly aggravating and annoying. It’s the way she words things that gets to me. I feel like I’m listening to a five year old reading a 1st grade level book. Amelia Bedelia has better wording than her -_-    Anyway, Rensuke looks guilty after reading it ..


And that’s where episode 3 ends! So far, I’m starting to dislike Rensuke for being a jerk and what not. Kazami looks like he’s moving his plans into action. What kind of plans? I’d like to know that too.  Xiu Mei can’t seduce if her life depended on it and her search for revenge feels just stupid now. Yuzuki .. what will she do with the new information she gets? Based on the preview, she doesn’t tell Rensuke about her father and Mineoka. Instead, she asks her father to make her the model for Mastpole. Another competition is on! Cat fight anyone? I’m hoping for some screaming and hair pulling xD   Maemi gets emotional and looks like her and Rensuke get into a small argument. Also, more Kazami and Maemi scenes! YAYYYYY~  How will Rensuke react to Kazami and Maemi getting closer? The only person I’m rooting for at this point is Maemi because she’s the best character and I think she’s the most pure out of everyone. And she doesn’t have any ulterior motives. Well, episode 4 comes out on Monday/Tuesday; so please look forward to the next review ^.^

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Would’ve been better if they focused more on Maemi.
Also, Rensuke’s a total ass in this episode.


3 thoughts on “Tsuki no Koibito – Episode 3

  1. Big sigh of satisfaction with this review. Just because this is how I saw it also….!
    When is Rensuke going to melt a little. At least he did one natural smile with Maemi..


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