Tsuki no Koibito – Episode 2

  • Title: 月の恋人
  • Title (romaji): Tsuki no Koibito
  • Tagline: Moon Lovers
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Romance
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 2010-May-10 start
  • Air time: Monday 21:00
  • Theme song: LOVE RAIN ~ Koi no Ame ~ by Kubota Toshinobu

Episode 02 Review

Where did we leave off at the end of episode 1? Oh yeah, there was the lame cheering for Xiu Mei after her stupidly “seductive” dance to showcase a chair. We have the continuation of that scene as a reporter asks Rensuke about the current situation regarding the factory workers and where things will go from here. Now, why is she asking this question? Apparently, Kazami fed the question to her. First, you’d think he was trying to keep the presentation rolling but, do we know that for sure?? So Rensuke answers the question in Chinese and quoting what Xiu Mei said about flowers, trees, and hey! why not add in rainbows to the mix? During his speech, there are flashbacks of episode 1, but that’s not really important. He ends his speech and while everyone is clapping, President Onuki of Mastpole leaves. Also, when Rensuke puts the mic stand back, he gives Kazami ..

this really strange/mysterious look!
Oh the suspense!

It’s really hard to find out what kind of ulterior motives Kazami has and if Rensuke notices.  It’s the next day and Rensuke is in his office when one of his staff enters. He informs him that the factory workers are no longer disgruntled. Everything is in their favor so far. Rensuke then leaves his office after cutting of the dude and heads to the meeting room to make a phone call. He asks someone to gather information on the competition for Creighton Regency Hotel. It seems like he’s got his next target for a new client set. Ahh Rensuke, all business and no play. It’s sad really.

Now, everyone is back in Japan. Thank god! I was hoping they wouldn’t stay in Shanghai for long. Well, Maemi and her workers are unloading their van. One of them starts to praise Rensuke again, while the other guy gets a bit jealous xD  The scene switches to a hotel. The very hotel that Xiu Mei has been holed up in for a week. She’s practicing her hiragana in a journal and reminisces about the time Rensuke said “I want you” to her. She receives a call from Kazami who tells her not to leave the hotel. She asks him when Rensuke will contact her and he brushes the question off. After the call, she decides to go out and search for her father. Meanwhile, Maemi and her staff are hard at work. Her phone rings and she tells one of them to pick it up. Realizing it’s Rensuke, the worker starts to rant off and Maemi ..

palms her in the forehead! LOL~

She then grabs her phone and Rensuke asks her to look for Xiu Mei -_-; What is she? Her babysitter??  It turns out Xiu Mei is lost and just as Maemi complains, he cuts her off. Her phone rings again and it’s Xiu Mei asking for help. Well, Maemi figures out where she is .. in Ameyoko. Once she find her, Maemi takes Xiu Mei to a small Chinese restaurant. The owners of the restaurant are Maemi’s old friends ..

These two are quite the characters.
So funny! xD

Xiu Mei likes the place and wishes to stay here, rather than the lovely hotel she’s currently staying. Once she and Maemi are alone, the girl talk begins! Xiu Mei expresses her feelings of wanting to see him and Maemi starts to tease her. She asks Xiu Mei if she’s in love with Rensuke, which she quickly denies. Next day, Maemi enters Regolith and notices everyone is a bit .. tense. She knocks and goes into Rensuke’s office. Once she enters, she notices the tense atmosphere and slowly backs her way out of the room. Rensuke stops her and tells her to take a seat. He ends the conversation with a staff member and asks him to leave. You’d think they would start talking about Xiu Mei, but he quickly brushes passed the subject and starts discussing the competition for Creighton Regency Hotel. She mentions that they have a strong connection to Mastpole so the competition will be fierce. Rensuke then states that he wants Maemi to be in charge of the project for the hotel. He believes they have a chance because she has connections to a lumber company. Ahh the power of connections! It pays to be corporate. Maemi then makes it a point to tell Rensuke that she doesn’t like the way he does business. True that!

Now, we’re at a banquet for the president of Creighton Regency Resorts. Looks like the competition is on! Both Mastpole and Regolith are there to claim their prize. Oh yeah, Yuzuki is there as well .. of course. Rensuke introduces himself to the president and Onuki shows up, seems like he’s taken the president and his family to Disneyland. Ahh, I love competition! Love the constant deceit and sucking up. Onuki has a satisfied look on his face and Rensuke knows just how to wipe it off his face. He approaches the table they’re near and begins to pile desserts onto it.

My favorite screencaps!
They look soo gooooooood!

After putting some of the yummy desserts onto his plate, he then heads toward Yuzuki (pissing off Onuki in the process xD)  Rensuke “apologizes” for the panda incident and asks her to meet him at the bar later. All the while, Kazami ..

hotly smirks, knowingly.

Excitedly, Yuzuki finishes powdering her nose when she hears a man’s voice. And that man happens to be Kazami. HAHA! Pwned~!  She’s disappointed and he asks her what he sees in him anyway. She retaliates by challenging him to name one thing he’s better at than Rensuke. His response – “I’m better at sex.” Woooo! Someone bring the boy some ice!! Kazami suddenly turns serious and states that Rensuke only thinks about himself and does not consider the feelings of others; where as he always does. He plays it off as a joke, but deep down inside we all know he was serious. Next, we see Kazami hand Rensuke some candid pictures of the president of Creighton at hostess clubs like a sleazy pig. Kazami informs him that he’s arranged a meeting. Rensuke ponders for a bit and the scene changes to Maemi, who’s busy at work. She receives a phone call from Xiu Mei who is in a panic. Why is she panicking? Rensuke has called her and asks her to go out. What is she? Five??  So what’s the big emergency? .. She’s got nothing to wear -_-;;  Maemi heads over as quickly as she can and redesigns an ugly dress Xiu Mei owns. Back at Regolith, Rensuke is about to take off until Yuzuki shows up. She persists that she tag along and he tells her to get in. Just as she reaches the passenger side, he takes off. Pwned again! Rensuke shows up at the Chinese restaurant and looks at the outfit Xiu Mei is wearing. He doesn’t like it. So he then leaves, Xiu Mei following, but not without giving Maemi her “homework.” He proceeds to grab Xiu Mei by the arm and ..

Maemi looks on disapprovingly.

The question is .. is it out of jealousy or is she upset at how he’s treating Xiu Mei? I’d like to think both. But since I’m shipping Rensuke and Maemi (rather than Rensuke and Xiu Mei), I’m leaning towards jealousy more. So the two take off .. where? SHOPPING!! But they aren’t shopping at normal, affordable stores. No, they must shop at Dior, Prada, Gucci, etc. Ahh~ lifestyles of the rich and the famous. Just like that old Good Charlotte song =D   The greatest thing about this shopping spree is ..

the dressing rooms!!
I had no idea these kinds even exist!

They finally find an outfit and he places a necklace around her neck. I guess this is supposed to be romantic? If it is, then nothing says ‘I love you’ like new clothes and jewelry, right? After shopping, he takes her out to eat some gyoza at a random restaurant. They talk .. blah blah blah. I have zero interest in this part. Maemi is still at the small apartment and Master brings her some good old chahan (fried rice), which she gratefully accepts. She sits by the window and tells the story of Cinderella as if she were the fairy godmother. This scene is very cute ^.^   Later, Rensuke takes Xiu Mei to an upscale restaurant and there .. the meeting with the present of Creighton is taking place. He makes her sit next to the president and cater to him.

Gross out factor @_@

So the old man is basically all over her and she storms out of the room, fed up. Rensuke chases after her and she yells at him for using her. She storms off again and complains to Maemi about what had happened. I find this very annoying. I feel like Xiu Mei takes Maemi for granted, thinking she’ll always be there to help her out whenever she needs it.  Of course, being the nice woman that she is, Maemi listens and  tells her that it’s about time Xiu Mei realized it. Xiu Mei then questions Maemi why she works for him. She gives a vague answer. The scene switches to Kazami and Rensuke putting some golf. Here Rensuke shows off how pissed he is by kicking the bench, or whatever it is he kicked. Seems like he’s mad at himself. Well, he should be! The next day, Kazami goes to see Xiu Mei who’s waiting to tell him she quits and wants to go back to Shanghai. Kazami tells her that she’s running away and she loses if she quits. At some random walkway, Xiu Mei calls Min and tells him that she’s going back. Min then informs her that it’s impossible because everyone is being fired, one by one. She’s in shock .. what else is new >.>;   Next we see Maemi, Rensuke, and Kazami in Rensuke’s office.

I love this shot! Everyone seems so comfortable.
I especially love how Maemi is allowed to sit in Rensuke’s chair,
while he’s next to her playing the guitar ;D

Xiu Mei enters the office and states that she wants to meet Rensuke later, making the nice atmosphere awkward. Thanks a lot Xiu Mei. Kazami receives a phone call from Yuzuki who’s asking where Rensuke is. It’s later that night and Rensuke offers his apology. The conversation starts off with Xiu Mei saying “last night, you tried to use me.” Way to state the obvious -_-  The conversation continues by her asking if it was true that he “wants her.” He gives a subtle nod and she declares that she won’t be his toy that he can throw away whenever he pleases. He glances at her and turns away. She proceeds to grab his face and kiss him. One of the worse kissing scenes I’ve ever seen. Why? Because as she does this, her mouth is wide open like a fish. Anyways, she breaks the kiss and walks away. This makes Rensuke chase after her and pulls her into a “passionate” kiss. Frankly, I’ve seen Kimura Takuya do a lot of kiss scenes from his past dramas and this is at the bottom of my list. It’s really awkward and just all around strange, trust me .. look:

Awkward looking right?
But I do have to say, the christmas lights are nice.

However, they are not alone because ..

Yuzuki catches them.
And yes, she’s shocked too.
There’s a lot of people being shocked in this drama ..

Meanwhile, we see Kazami leaving ..

and looking ever so satisfied.

Turns out that he’s the one who told Yuzuki to be there. Just what in the world is he up to? All the while, Maemi is ..

gazing at the moon and working hard on the project.

Not to mention, Maemi is also alone .. once again. She’s always alone; it makes me feel so bad for her T_T   Back to what Xiu Mei and Rensuke are doing, they’re kissing and Rensuke ..

opens his eyes during the kiss!

Just what does that look mean? Looks like it’s a battle of wits and who can deceive the other better. Well, that’s the end of episode 2!  Overall, we don’t know who is up to what. Well, we know Xiu Mei is out for revenge against Rensuke. However, Kazami and Rensuke is a totally different story. They both have something up their sleeves and we won’t know until later. Xiu Mei continues to annoy me just like before; if not .. more. Maemi is just so lovable, but her scenes make me sad considering how she’s always alone and there are so few of them. Yuzuki doesn’t annoy me so much now, she’s just okay. Kazami is awesome! Although we all know he has hidden agendas, he’s just too cool. Look forward to episode 3 review please~ :]

Rating: 9 out of 10


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