Tsuki no Koibito – Episode 1

  • Title: 月の恋人
  • Title (romaji): Tsuki no Koibito
  • Tagline: Moon Lovers
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Romance
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 2010-May-10 start
  • Air time: Monday 21:00
  • Theme song: LOVE RAIN ~ Koi no Ame ~ by Kubota Toshinobu

Episode 01 Review

The first thing to kick this off is a shot of Rensuke and Kazami driving along the coast. Kazami is on the phone and tying Rensuke’s tie as Rensuke is driving.

I am loving Matsuda Shota/Kazami in this drama!
Just look at that smirk – total hotness -dies-

I find this really strange because Kazami is Rensuke’s assistant and usually .. the assistant drives. Anyway, as Kazami is tying his tie, he’s on the phone with a few of Rensuke’s staff at the the airport. Why? It turns out that Hazuki Rensuke is the president of a high class furniture company called Regolith. It seems like there’s a flood of reporters waiting for his arrival at the airport. Once they arrive, Rensuke is swarmed by questions about his relationship to a rival company’s, Mastpole, president’s only daughter, who also happens to be a model. He hurriedly gets on his plane to Shanghai, China. The scene then switches to Shanghai where we see Ninomiya Maemi and one of her workers driving to the location of Regolith’s new store. During the drive, the worker states how excited she is to see the president because she thinks he’s cool. Maemi then states that she says that only because she’s never met him and she hasn’t seen him “flip the dinner table.” So, at the new store, construction workers are working hard to have everything ready before Rensuke’s arrival with Maemi in charge, she’s the contractor =D And one of the coolest things she can do is spin a hammer around her finger! Hey, you don’t think it’s cool? I advise you to watch it and see for yourself. OR try it for yourself, then you can see it’s awesomeness. Back to the drama, various workers ask Maemi for her opinion and the way she interacts with her workers is simply the best! Look:

Just too funny!

Meanwhile, Rensuke and Kazami are advised not to go to the furniture factory in Shanghai due to the protest by the workers. Apparently, Rensuke had bought the land and wants to demolish everything, leaving the workers jobless and what not. BUT .. too late! He’s already at the center of chaos:

I say run them over! JK~ ;D

So in the middle of all that chaos, one girl seems to stand out from the rest. How so? ..

That’s how. Introducing Liu Xiu Mei, everybody!

Okay, I’m going to warn you right now. My least favorite character/actress here is Liu Xiu Mei/Lin Chi Ling. Why? Watch the drama and you’ll see why. They decide to head back to the office since it’s just way too hard to get through. A meeting is being held about the current situation ..

You’d think for such a rich furniture company..
they’d be able to afford some chairs -_-

Throughout the meeting, there’s obvious tension and as Mineoka finishes his presentation, Rensuke tells them to proceed with the plans. He then sends Mineoka back to Japan for not being able to clear out the workers and carry out those plans. So, everything goes as planned because the Shanghai opening of the store is in a few days and they cannot postpone it. The meeting continues with talk of the model for their new project. Next, we’re back to the store as everyone clears away all work materials because Hazuki Rensuke has arrived! .. ALL HAIL! Why is he there? It’s inspection time!

Yes, he looks at everything.

This is one of my favorite parts of this episode. Maemi then hands Rensuke post its so he can mark the things he doesn’t like, which is pretty much everything. And the look on Maemi’s face just says – “Here we go again.” So when Rensuke looks at Maemi asking for the ladder, she nods her head in the direction of where it’s located. She knows him sooo well that she has everything ready for him xD   As he sits at the top of the ladder, he comes to the conclusion that everything isn’t working so basically – he “flipped the dinner table.” Many of the workers are displeased as is Maemi and she tells him to basically get out LOL I just love Maemi! She’s spunky.

Next we see the factory workers still protesting. During the protest, Xiu Mei is talking to her friend, Min, and leaves because she has to go take care of her weak mother. Just as she’s leaving, a bunch of tractors blow by her. Now, Rensuke and Kazami are in the limo heading towards the factory site. In the limo, Rensuke asks Kazami ..

“What do you see when you look at this?”

Kazami answers “a flower.” But that isn’t the answer Rensuke is looking for. They arrive at the, now, demolished factory and Rensuke is taking pictures of the landscape. Xiu Mei just happens to be there poking her finger into some dirty water. She notices him after he kicks some metal and tells him to be careful because it’s dangerous in chinese. It takes her a while ,well a phone call for Rensuke, to notice that he’s Japanese. She speaks to him rudely in Japanese. Why rudely? Because that’s how some old guy taught her to speak. Basically, this part bores me to death and Xiu Mei’s broken Japanese just bugs the hell outta me. As she leaves, he looks at her with a “what the heck” kind of look and realizes that she’s the poster child for the factory. The next day, he decides to make her the new model for his company to appease the workers who continue to protest. We then learn about her current financial and family troubles. She’s utterly poor and her mother is dreadfully sick. I guess this is supposed to make me feel sorry for her, but I just can’t. I feel that her friend, Min, is a sadder story than her. Anyways, Rensuke then announces that he wants a new design for a the new product line. Meeting adjourned!

We finally get to see lady #3 of this drama, Onuki Yuzuki. And like I said before ..

She’s a model.

A snobby one at that and she’s in love with Rensuke. And that’s pretty much it. Next, we see Maemi at the store .. doodling. Kazami startles her and asks her out to dinner. I personally love this scene! I like how Kazami likes Maemi as he proceeds to ask her what kind of man she likes. She dodges the question by saying something about mature men. Just as she rants on, Kazami walks around the table to stand behind her. Maemi senses him and turns around slowly only to be startled once again ..

-fangirls- what a scene to die for!

Kazami leaves, but not without whispering “don’t work yourself too hard.” Now, Xiu Mei is refusing to be a model for Regolith over the phone and goes grocery shopping afterwards. She runs into Min, who is now ..

working at some kind of okama bar.

I actually feel worse for Min rather than Xiu Mei. He has to degrade himself and be all over men .. gross! So she invites him over to her place for dinner and she notices that he’s stolen her stash of money, she’s been saving up for to go to Japan to find her father, in the morning. That same night, Rensuke and Maemi are alone at the store. He’s marveling at how fast the works been done and she’s doodling away again. He then asks her the same question he asked Kazami in the limo earlier. Why? Because she’s the one that asked him that question when they were in college together. Even more reason to root for these two, they’ve got history! How can anyone deny that?  Anyway, just as she’s about to answer him .. his phone rings. Of course, typical drama fashion. While he has his back turned, she answers his question ..

Try and guess what it means!

So it’s morning, and the debt collectors are here to collect from Xiu Mei! She tries to hold them off, but of course she can’t. They take her mother away and as she chases after them, she let’s out the dumbest scream ever. In a really dull voice all she says is “Ahhhhhhh ..” It’s not even loud enough. So they take off just as Rensuke and Kazami gets there. She stalks away from them and as Rensuke tries to talk to her, she locks herself up in some random place. Why are they there? To ask her to become the company’s new model. Since she won’t budge or even listen, Kazami (being the straight forward guy that he is) ..

He attempts to kick down the door with her on the other side xD
Love you Kazami!

But, if you haven’t noticed, Rensuke stops him and once again tries to convince Xiu Mei. He promises to save her mother and she says okay only if he hires all the factory workers as well. So they make a deal and she’s thrown into model training, like a new version of Cinderella. I’m kind of sick of Cinderella storylines, especially when the center of it is an annoying character -cough XiuMei cough-. As she’s training, Maemi is busy working on the store and Rensuke is busy looking at new designs from award-winning designers. And .. he doesn’t like any of them! Now he’s pissed off that all the time was wasted looking for a new design when they all are no different than the ones in Japan. He wants the new design to have a concept of Shanghai in mind.

Next we see Kazami at the hotel ready to take Xiu Mei for more training, but she refuses. I really don’t get why she’s complaining so much. The company is helping her and her mother, she needs to suck it up like a good child and do what she’s told. Finally fed up with her whining, Kazami pushes her away and tells her to suck it up. You go boy! She then stands up and complains about him speaking Japanese when he’s of Chinese heritage. His answer – “I was born and raised in Japan.” Good answer. She then continues to complain in Chinese, to which he ..

grabs her head and demands she speak Japanese.

She has no choice but to comply now. Maemi shows Rensuke her designs; he hands her back the folder and leaves. Kazami is seen at a restaurant with the guys that took Xiu Mei’s mother away and he’s giving them money, Min just happens to see the transaction. Yuzuki shows up to bug Rensuke about going on a date or hanging out with him. She further tells him that she’d do anything and that gives Rensuke an idea:

He makes her dress up like a panda and pass out flyers!

At the store, Xiu Mei is still undergoing training and Yuzuki is there .. making fun of her. Everyone quickly gets annoyed and as Kazami approaches her, Maemi throws the hammer she’s spinning next to Yuzuki. Everything is silent as Maemi goes to pick up her hammer and mentions that Yuzuki looks good as a panda. Yuzuki is displeased and hiccups from being startled. All is well! Next, Maemi, Xiu Mei, and Rensuke are having lunch together. At first, Rensuke is ignoring Xiu Mei and Maemi notices how sad this makes Xiu Mei feel. So she nudges Rensuke to talk to her. As a conversation starter, Rensuke takes out four coins and asks her what she sees. She answers correctly causing Maemi and Rensuke to look surprised. So what does it symbolize? A water strider. The water strider only resides in places with clean, clear water and because Shanghai’s water isn’t so clean and clear, there aren’t any. Xiu Mei then drifts off to lala land and talks about trees, flowers, and what not. I think this is supposed to express her innocent nature, but it just wreaks corny to me. Later, Rensuke is looking over at Maemi’s designs and tells her that it’s not what he’s looking for. She gets upset at how he’s making her draw so many designs and tells him to find a designer that meets your wishes. He brings out four coins and tells her that she’s the only one who can design it. She walks up to him ..

Rensuke: You’re too close.
Maemi: Why didn’t you say that before??

Just then Kazami enters and sees the two .. awkwardddddddd. Xiu Mei arrives at her hotel and is greeted by Min, whose there to return her money. She’s still pissed off and doesn’t want to hear a thing from him. That is until he says that she’s been tricked. She’s shocked and refuses to be the new model now. Rensuke and Kazami are informed over at a meeting and they head out to find her. Rensuke remembers the first place he met and heads there, the factory site. He finds her and she calls him a liar, fake, etc. She continues to scream and shout in the most unconvincing way possible. I mean just look:

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention he hugged her.

Throughout all the .. uhmm .. “yelling” and “pain,” he hugs her and tells her that he wants her. In what kind of way, who knows. We just know that he wants her. He should’ve been a little more specific. The next day he rolls into his office and sees Maemi asleep at his desk. He picks up her design, while he drops her elbow onto the table. She wakes up from her slumber due to the impact and asks him how Xiu Mei was. Rensuke tells her that she’s okay because he was with her most of the night. The scene switches to various events happening that includes the opening of the Shanghai store and the presentation. Xiu Mei approaches Maemi, who’s hiding herself in the back, and asks her whether she can trust Rensuke. During the presentation, they present a new chair design by Maemi and Xiu Mei comes out in a tight black dress. The song “Libertango” is playing in the back and Xiu Mei starts to do a seductive dance. Why does she dance? I’d like to know why too. I seriously do not see the point, she’s supposed to be presenting the chair .. not dance away. As she walks into the crowd, Min interrupts along with the factory workers and they chant “Xiu Mei.” To me, this is downright lame. The scene would’ve been good had it not been for the chanting and everyone clapping. Lame-on-a-stick is what I’m calling it, anyone want some? While all this is happening, Maemi is looking on from the back ..

This makes me soo sad T_T

I think Maemi should be the one to receive praise for her lovely design. Instead, she’s kept away in the back like storage >.<;  Back to the presentation, Rensuke smiles to himself as Xiu Mei walks towards him but not without Yuzuki looking at them in dissatisfaction. And that ends episode 01 of Tsuki no Koibito! Overall, I think Maemi should be focused on more instead of just a few scenes. Xiu Mei is the main focus right now and I really don’t like that. Rensuke’s character is not likable either. It’s like he’s void of any emotion whatsoever. On the other hand, I love Kazami. So far I’m rooting for Maemi to be with either Rensuke and Kazami – more so Rensuke. It’s so hard to decide though! Ahh so torn~   Yuzuki, so far I find her annoying from the few scenes she’s in and it’s obvious that she is the comic relief in this serious drama. Look out for episode 02 review~!!

Rating: 7.5 out of 10


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