Tokujo Kabachi!! (2010)

  • Title: 特上カバチ!!
  • Title (romaji): Tokujo Kabachi!!
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Work
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-17 to 2010-Mar-21
  • Air time: Sunday 21:00
  • Related TV show: Kabachitare (Fuji TV, 2001)


The story centers around the employees of a legal document firm. Tamura Katsuhiro is a young man with a strong sense of justice. Although he believes that the law isn’t always right, he becomes an administrative scrivener with the goal of manipulating the law in order to protect the weak. On the other hand, Sumiyoshi Misuzu, a former delinquent who hates to lose and who is now a capable scrivener. Katsuhiro and Misuzu are always at odds, but they gradually come to understand each other.


Sakurai Sho as Tamura Katsuhiro :: Tamura Katsuhiro is a bit different from Sakurai Sho’s usual characters. Although he isn’t the best actor out there, he still does hold his own and made this character believable. Plus, who can resist that smile! xD I know I can’t. We all know Sho’s personality and this character is the exact opposite of that. Sho = smart, diligent, clean, organized, etc. Tamura = a bit slow (but still smart), dirty, unorganized, clumsy, etc.  Tamura is quite the character wouldn’t you say? His apartment is SO dirty, who knows what’s unknowingly growing in there. Also, his methods of cooking and eating is very questionable (also down right disgusting at times haha). Although Tamura is clumsy and unorganized, no one can match his optimistic attitude and caring nature. He cares for his clients and with determination, he sees to it that he helps them in every way possible – which is different than the methods of Sumiyoshi Misuzu (Horikita Maki). I believe Sakurai Sho did a nice job as Tamura Katsuhiro and it was enjoyable watching him.

Horikita Maki as Sumiyoshi Misuzu :: It’s Maki-chan again! This time she’s plays a cold, sassy administrative scrivener who uses almost any method to achieve her goals. And might I add, they are all legal methods too. Although it’s a bit rare to see Maki in a sassy role, I love it! I actually wish she’d play these kinds of roles more often. Her facial expressions were perfect and for a character who’s so cold, she has quite a lot of them. Not to mention, Misuzu is crafty, very crafty.  She doesn’t use any sort of physical violence to get what she wants, instead she uses her choice of words and speech to rile up her opponents just the right way. Too  cool! Her chemistry with Sakurai Sho is undeniable. Although their characters fight like cats and dogs, you can also sense the sexual attraction/tension between they two. In the beginning, she dislikes Sho’s outlook on issues but grows to like him ever more. The perfect example of a love/hate relationship, don’t you think? I couldn’t think of another actress to portray Sumiyoshi Misuzu.

Storyline &* Relationships

As you can see, this drama has yet to start. But because I’m extremely excited for this, I couldn’t wait to get a head start xD   There will definitely be episode reviews for this. In the meantime, all I can do is wait for this to air.

Well, I guess I didn’t end up doing episode reviews for this drama after all – due to some unfortunate circumstances that had me tied up in the beginning half of this year. Since, I actually really do like this drama .. I shall finish this review off!

At the start of this drama, Tamura Katsuhiro and Sumiyoshi Misuzu are on opposite ends. Tamura’s client and Misuzu’s client are unable to agree to certain payments that must be made. However, after this first case, Misuzu joins Tamura’s firm, Ohno Legal Services (well something like that). However, we do not know what her intentions are to join Tamura and his 3 male superiors. The firm goes through its ups and downs as they help out one client after another. Often times, Misuzu and Tamura are teamed up together and cannot come to any agreements regarding each case. Towards the end of the drama, a formidable rival appears in the form of Tamura’s father (who is known for having clients with a shady background and winning every case). This reveals why Tamura is so keen on using the law to help the weak and innocent. They end up winning the case as both Tamura and Misuzu get offers to join a law firm and become full fledged attorneys. Tamura declines and wishes to stay with Ohno Legal Services. Now will Misuzu say farewell to Tamura and become an attorney? .. NOPE. She chooses to stay with Tamura and the 3 ojii-sans. Isn’t that just sweet!?  Of course when Tamura asks why she decided to stay, she dodges the question. He then playfully suggests that it’s because she’s in love with him and she vehemently denies it (oh c’mon, we all know you two like each other! damn stubborn minds -_-). All of a suddent Tamura stops walking, looks at her and kisses her! YESS! Although it’s the typical asian kiss, at least there was a kiss. And her reaction? She tells him that it was cheeky, kicks him and whacks him with her purse. She then proceeds to walk away, grinning from ear-to-ear.

Another thing enjoyable to see is the matching outfits that Tamura and Misuzu just “happen” to wear everyday. If they want to give us hints that they like each other, they should use some action rather than matching clothing. Also, the use of colors for everyone’s clothing. Just as colorful as a circus! And last but not least, Misuzu’s apartment. My god, if you think Tamura lived like a pig, then you’d think her place was the zoo that housed wild monkeys with no sense of control whatsoever. Can you imagine if Tamura and Misuzu were to move in together? @_@ Oh .. the .. chaos.

There are only a few things I did not like about this drama:

1. The constant quizzing when Tamura’s landlords had a legal question.

2. The lack of romance. I know it’s not a romance drama, but all that chemistry and I’m left with a measly kiss. I want action! The kiss would’ve been better if he grabbed onto her waist, wouldn’t you say?

3. Tamura’s landlords. They just feel altogether useless for this drama.

Overall, this drama is very enjoyable and you can learn a lot of things regarding Japanese law. However, not everything is accurate because most of it is a work of fiction ;] So do not take everything too seriously. Although, I did find it interesting that video-recorded wills are not valid and wills must be in writing. Sooooo, if any of you are planning to live in Japan and record your will in a video .. don’t! It will not hold as a legal document and your belongings could be given to the person you would least want them to go to lol!

Rating: 8 out of 10


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