[Single] GIRL NEXT DOOR – Orion (2009)

Language: Japanese
Genre: Pop, Dance
Released: 25 November 2009

Track List:

  1. Orion
  2. 時の雫
  3. Drive away (GOGO’s Remix)
  4. Orion (Instrumental)


Cover B

Promo Picture

Love this song! And it also happens to be the theme to Untouchable starring Nakama Yukie.
Even though the drama isn’t so great, this song is just lovely.
It also sounds like an anime theme song; maybe for an anime like Tsubasa Chronicles.
One of the nicest songs they have; top 2! Right below their previous Infinity.
Of course, that’s by my biased opinion.
Anyways, must listen!

My first thoughts: “why the heck is this song 7 minutes long!?!?”
Then I listened to the song and I really like it!
Totally a ballad, which is a bit unusual from their normal songs.
After listening to the entire song, I realized why this song is 7 minutes long.
The first half has lovely lyrics then the second half they just repeat the chorus a million times.
Still a good song though!

Drive away (GOGO’s Remix)
Reminds me of a DDR or Initial D song.
I can just imagine Tak racing down Mount Akina while this song plays.
Usually not my kind of style, but it’s a good song to keep you awake while driving.

Orion (Instrumental)
Like I say about all instrumentals, just music haha.
If you’re a fan of classical music, like I am, then you’ll like this.

Rating:: 8 out of 10

This has been a Haejin Review.


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