GIRL NEXT DOOR – Be your wings / FRIENDSHIP / Wait for you (Single)

Language: Japanese
Genre: Pop, Dance
Released: 05 August 2009


  1. Be your wings
  3. Wait for you
  4. 情熱の代償 (Jounetsu no Daishou) (Ferry Cousten Remix)
  5. Be your wings (Instrumental)

Before I begin the actual review, I’ll share some pictures from this single ^.^

Cover A

Cover B

Cover C

Promo Picture

Be your wings
Good title song for this single.
Catchy, upbeat and everything that GIRL NEXT DOOR stands for.
Still, it’s not as great as their last single “Infinity.”
But that’s probably because I have a specific kind of attachment to that song x]
I feel like this should be the theme song to some kind of anime.

Does anyone know what the title reminds me of?
No one? I’ll give you a hint: a very popular idol group from JE.
Still don’t get it? It’s Arashi!
Why? Because Aiba Masaki has a solo song with the exact same name.
The intro .. I could not tell what she was saying in English at all.
Then I realized all she was saying is “I’m your friend~ You’re my friend~”
This song isn’t bad; however, because it reminded me of Arashi ..
I prefer Aiba’s song >.<

Wait for you
Judging by the title, I thought this was a slow song.
I guess I was wrong! Totally NOT a slow song.
Far from it actually.
Not that I’m disappointed or anything, okay .. I am a little.
This song is actually pretty good.
Possibly better than the first track.

情熱の代償 (Jounetsu no Daishou) (Ferry Cousten Remix)
Another version of this song yet again.
The intro to this is EXTREMELY long, which I find really unnecessary.
You don’t hear a word until 2 minutes into the song!
And because of this long intro, the whole song is 7 1/2 minutes long -_-
I prefer the previous version of this song.

Be your wings (Instrumental)
Like I usually say for all instrumentals, it’s just the music.
Not much else to say.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

This has been a Haejin review.


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