Orthros no Inu – Episode 01

  • Title: オルトロスの犬
  • Title (romaji): Orthros no Inu
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Suspence, human drama
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Jul-24 start
  • Air time: Friday 22:00
  • Theme song: Hikari Hitotsu by Takizawa Hideaki

Episode 01 Review

Just from watching this first episode, a bunch of other dramas came to mind. The beginning may confuse you a bit, but everything gets explained throughout the episode. So Orthros no Inu’s first scene is in the rain, just like what an angsty drama should look like.

Here’s part of the intro with the “cool” title.
And our lead, Ryuzaki Shinji.

Let’s count how many dramas/movies Orthros no Inu reminds me of. This first scene with Ryuzaki Shinji standing on the roof top reminds me of Yamashita Tomohisa in Kurosagi, mainly because of the hair and black coat. Anyway, the scene cuts to a man walking (his back towards the camera) and heading to the police station.

A sexy, soaking wet Nishikido Ryo ❤

That man just happens to be Aoi Ryosuke and he’s there to turn himself in for killing someone. DUN DUN DUUUUNN! But, of course, we must rewind time to find out why Shinji is standing on a roof in the rain and if Ryosuke really did kill someone. So 8 days ago, it was a bright morning and Ryosuke is in a hurry for work. During his morning rush, his younger sister calls wondering when he’s coming home. As if he’s not in a hurry enough already, his sister makes him later. Ahh, that’s what family is for x]  Even though he’s late for work ..

he doesn’t run to work, he prances.

After he hangs up, he rushes to work. Turns out he’s a newbie teacher at an all girls school. Those girls are SO lucky. He gets to his classroom and begins the lesson. Next, we see a unit of detectives/police officers being briefed on a case. Here we meet ..

Hasebe Nagisa
And she’s oh-so determined.

The scene cuts to a television and it’s Shinji who’s watching the politician make a speech on tv.

The white outfit reminds me of The Quiz Show 2
with Sakurai Sho and L from Death Note.

So this politician is getting appraisal for possibly being the first female prime minister. And it seems like Shinji suspects her of something or just plainly dislikes her by the look on his face. His guard walks in and states, “I’m counting on you again in the near future.” Well, whatever that means .. it sounds suspicious. Next we see one of Aoi Ryosuke’s student approach him and has something to inform him. She eavesdropped on a suspicious/dangerous conversation and is worried for her life. Ryosuke assures her that he’ll get help. But, I guess that doesn’t make much of a difference because we see her being chased by ..

Kumakiri Masaru

Uchimura Shuuhei

While running for her life, she takes a misstep and falls down the stairs. They take the drugs she was carrying and leave her, thinking she’s dead. However, she’s simply knocked out (?). I’ve never seen anyone knock out with their eyes wide open before though lol. But, apparently she did. Next, we see an outdoor partying going on, basically a rave. Everyone with their glow sticks, hopping up and down. No actual raving going on though. The camera is swirling around through the crowd, making me DIZZY! I really hate scenes like this; gives me a headache. In the background sounds you can hear people going “whoooooo~” and I find that really hilarious. All you can hear is light music and “whooo! whooo! WHOOO!” Anyways, at the rave we see Uchimura Shuuhei dealing drugs to some guy and a girl bumps right into him. And guess who it is! Hasebe Nagisa. And it’s pretty obvious why she’s there, to do a drug bust. However, she’s alone with no back up. What kind of cop goes undercover with no back up!? That’s like a rule that doesn’t need to be explained or even said. Well we all know what happens when there’s no back up, she gets cornered. At first she tries to arrest them and pulls out her gun, then Shuuhei whips out a flashlight (yes, a flashlight) and goes after her. Usually, smart people do the math. Gun .. flashlight .. gun .. flashlight, I wonder which will win. If you’re thinking the flashlight, go slap yourself. JK! As she knocks Shuuhei to the ground, Masaru kicks her, overpowers her, and knees her in the gut. Wow, a teenager pwning an experienced cop -_-  You’ll hardly ever see that. So the two other lackies hold her while Masaru ..

pins her at gunpoint.

He shoots once and misses (on purpose of course); well it grazes her arm but no real harm done. Shuuhei gets back up and asks for the gun. Just as he’s about to pull the trigger, someone shouts at them to stop. And it’s .. AOI RYOSUKE TO THE RESCUE! He comes running in .. only to be tripped by Masaru -_- smooth, real smooth. He gets beaten down to the ground by Masaru. Wow, a kouhai beating up his sempai. Not something you see everday. When Shuuhei points the gun back at Nagisa, he lunges at him, gets knocked down .. again, gets back up and grabs Shuuhei’s hand (that’s holding the gun). We see a pulse radiate from the contact of Ryosuke’s hand and ..


I have to admit, Ryosuke’s power is freakishly scary but really cool at the same time. The way Shuuhei’s eyes moved right before he dropped dead was super creepy though. So Masaru and the flunkies leave, while Nagisa ..

falls unconscious -_-

She was barely hurt and she falls unconscious. Oh well, on the other hand ..

Aoi Ryosuke is thinking about what he’s done.

As Ryosuke is thinking, Shinji lifts his head. I guess this is what you would call foreshadowing. The next day, Nagisa is at the autopsy lab asking Maezono Chiharu the cause of Uchimura Shuuhei’s death. Maezono is a bit strange; she calls the corpse beautiful o_O;  It turns out the cause of Shuuhei’s death is a heart attack (?); most likely not because he’s perfectly healthy. And when asked if there were any drugs in his system, there weren’t any. Shuuhei was simply selling drugs but never took any himself and he’s a politicians son. So it’s only natural why he was never caught before. Back at the office, she gets grilled by her superior for going alone the night before and is put on suspension. This is where Aoi Ryosuke decides to turn himself in for killing Shuuhei. At the interrogation room, the questioning begins. First – why was he at the rave? He feels responsible for what happened to his student, Shirakawa Kana (the girl who fell and is in a coma). As the questioning goes on, they finally asked how he killed Shuuhei. His answer, “It’s just as you saw.” Nagisa then states, “All you did was touch him.” Ryosuke goes on to say that he can’t really explain it and that’s just the kind of power he has. Naturally, they don’t believe him. But, he insists to be locked up to repent for the crime he’s committed. This his where Ryosuke states that his hands are the hand of the Devil (akuma no te). Since there’s no proof that he killed Shuuhei, they can only detain him for a day. In another part of town, Maezono Chiharu is dining at a fancy place with a man named Sawamura Noriyuki and the conversation they’re having is just plain weird. Maezono starts to talk about the corpse of Uchimura Shuuhei and the strange cause of death (that has yet to be determined). Sawamura is intrigued by the situation and I guess his day job is government related. To be exact, he works for the National Police Agency’s Security Planning Division. Such a long name -_-;   Maezono says she’ll send him a copy of the autopsy report. This guy gives of a really suspicious aura. But of course, this is a suspense drama after all.

Meanwhile, Ryosuke gets put in a cell and Nagisa arrives home to be welcomed by her daughter, Hasebe Mio,  and a guy, Yoshizumi Masato. They gave Nagisa a surprise birthday party, it’s a small part with only 3 people. As she puts Mio to bed, we see an inhaler and an asthema diary on the night stand. She heads back out to the living room and chats with Masato. She asks him, “what if you had the power to kill people just by touching them?” I didn’t really pay much attention to the conversation, because it simply was a bit irrelevant in my opinion and ..

I couldn’t help but stare at the barely eaten cake.
Yes, I am hungry x]

It’s not said what kind of relationship these two have, so I won’t jump to conclusions just yet. BUT, I’m guessing they could be a couple? Well, that’s not important. Ryosuke is still sitting in his cell and some guy is going nuts at a restaurant.

His name – Ninomiya Ken
This cap was meant to look more serious.
But it just looked too funny.

This guy .. is crazy. As the police officer holds him, he screams to let go because the officer’s hands are the hands of the Devil. This crazy guy used to be a policer officer until he witnessed a stabbing done by an 18 year old during his guarding night duty. That 18 year old is none other than Ryuzaki Shinji. Nagisa jumps to the conclusion that the stabbign could have been done by a mere touch and goes to see this criminal. The sleazy guard takes her to Ryuzaki’s cell. Ryuzaki is lying on his bed, uninterested. Nagisa tells him about Aoi Ryosuke to catch his attention. This is where my opinion of her turns from okay-but-weak detective to stupid detective. She just relays ALL information to him and she doesn’t even know him. I mean sure it’s a way to catch his attention but there are other methods. -_-;   This whole time she thinks that Ryuzaki Shinji has the same power as Ryosuke, until the guard tells her that Shinji has the power to heal wounds and illnesses. The hands of God (kami no te). Shinji tells the guard to leave. He starts to give her a lesson in history about gorillas and beliefs. She doesn’t believe that he has the power to heal but refuses to show her unless she brings Ryosuke to him and she leaves. Next, we see the politician lady lying in a bed.

This scene reminds me of Liar Game.

It figures, the politician lady is corrupted and she has a heart disease. She must win the election, her ulterior motives are unknown. Meanwhile, Ryosuke is wondering about in the streets and comes across ..


As he pets the puppy, he starts to think about his power and walks away from it. Poor puppy T_T  The next day, Nagisa finds Ryosuke and confronts him about his “power.” As he’s about to walk away, she tells him about God’s hand and takes him to go see Ryuzaki Shinji.

They meet at last!

This scene reminds me of Maou, the opening sequence and whenever Naruse Ryo meets Serizawa Naoto. Getting back on track, Ryuzaki firsts asks Ryosuke what it feels like to be able to kill people with a single touch. Ryosuke then asks him the same question – how does it feel to have the power to heal. Ryuzaki then demonstrates his power by healing the wound on the guard’s face. If it were me, I would’ve left it there. After the guard leaves, he asks Ryosuke to help him out and tells him that the guard is corrupted & monopolizes his power for money. Whether he’s telling the truth or not is a mystery to me. Then Ryuzaki explains to him how many lives he can save if he were set free. All Ryosuke has to do is kill the guard and he can bring the guard back to life. The whole dialogue was wayyy too long for me, so I won’t go into exact detail. As the guard comes back to take Ryosuke back, Ryosuke kills him and lets out Ryuzaki. Well of course, Ryosuke was tricked by Ryuzaki who admits that he can’t bring back the dead. That was obvious Ryosuke! He has the power to heal, not the power of life! Ahh, so innocent. Well ..

Ryosuke gets pwned by Ryuzaki.
That’s to be expected.

Ryuzaki knocks him out and escapes. Nagisa manages to catch him outside at gunpoint. But, he starts to milk the whole “if you shoot me then I can’t save all the lives I could be saving” excuse and ..

pwns her too.

What’s with everyone getting pwned by Ryuzaki. Have they no self-will!? So he escapes .. again -sigh-  As for Ryosuke ..

he’s left in despair and anguish.
Poor guy.

In the rain, Ryuzaki is standing on a roof (which is the same scene at the beginning) and the crazy guy is drinking. The crazy guy then states that Ryuzaki’s hands aren’t the hands of God; they are the hands of the Devil.

And that concludes the first episode! This review turned out longer than I thought it would. So how many dramas did this first episode remind me of? I counted at least 5 if I’m not mistaken. The two leads met sooner than I expected them too. But, we’ll see how the characters are affected by Ryuzaki’s escape and more of Masaru’s issue is revealed in episode 2 as well. Look forward to episode 2~!

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

This has been a Haejin review.


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