It Started with a Kiss OST

iswak ost

Released: 2005
Artist: Various
Language: Taiwanese

Track List:

01.Dream Waltz
02.Say U Love Me
06.Say U Love Me (Guitar Instrumental)
10.和平世界 (Guitar Instrumental)

Dream Waltz

This song is very cute; this is played in the series every time Xiang Qin does something cute or stupid.

Say U Love Me – Jason & Lara Veronin

This song is too perfect! The song fits in completely with the series. This song is one of those songs that are easily recognized when it is played. This is one of my favorite songs on this OST.

到 (Meet) – 方雅賢 (Fang Ya Xian)

This song was played a lot in the series; I really liked this song because it describes Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin’s relationship. This song has sort of a sad song feel to it, but it isn’t a sad song

愛情海 (Love Sea) – 葉慶龍 (Ye Qing Long)

I honestly don’t remember hearing this song in the series, the song isn’t bad but I feel like this song didn’t really have a connection to the series.

聼見 (Heard) – 方雅賢 (Fang Ya Xian)

Another one of my favorites on this OST, this song is actually a sad song. This was played in the episode where Zhi Shu had decided to marry Hui Lan and Ah Jin proposing to Xiang Qin for the first time. They played this song when the both of them came out of their rooms and walked around the 2nd floor (individually)

Say U Love Me (Guitar Instrumental)

Not much to say about this, it is just the instrumental version of Say U Love Me. It is a little different from the original song so I don’t recommend you singing this song, humming, however, works perfectly!

靠近一點點 (Come a Little Closer) – Lara Veronin

This song is quite cute too; this was also played when Xiang Qin or Zhi Shu does something cute or sweet. Every time I hear this song, I am reminded of episode 19 when Xiang Qin was kneeling in front of President Bai’s office in hopes of seeing him and Zhi Shu comes and kneels with her.

能不能 (Can or Can’t) – Jason & Landy Wen

This song was only played once in the series, I believe. This was played during Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin’s “first kiss” after the graduation party. I really like this song, the lyrics are really good.

全世界的人都知道 (The Whole World Knows) –(Wang YuYun)

This is another song that I don’t recognize from the series, but I really like this song, it has a very sweet/cutesy feel to it.

和平世界 (Guitar Instrumental) – Peaceful World
There is not much about this song except that it is an instrumental song. I don’t remember hearing this song even though it sounds very nice.

後悔 (Regret) – 何書宇 (He Shu Yu)
I absolutely adore this song! Out of all the songs on this OST, this is my favorite! The song was played in the episode when Ah Jin proposes to Xiang Qin again but she rejects him because she still can’t forget Zhi Shu, this songs starts as Xiang Qin says sorry to Ah Jin and she runs off and Ah Jin starts thinking about all the good times they shared as a “couple”. This song made a cry a few times.

惡作劇 (Practical Joke) – 王藍茵 (Wang Lan Yin)
Another one of my favorite songs! This song also served as the sub-theme in the series. I really love this song, the lyrics are really good and this was the easiest song for me to learn out of all the songs on this OST!

Out of all the songs that I didn’t recognize/remember on this OST, this song is probably the one that I didn’t even hear! This song is quite good but I didn’t think that this song fits with the series.

Overall, i really liked this OST, the songs (most of the songs) fit perfectly with the series and the artist(es) did amazing jobs singing them!

Rating: 9.5 out of 10


info & pictures credits to YesAsia


3 thoughts on “It Started with a Kiss OST

  1. hi! i wanna ask if you’ve noticed this song they play in ISWAK, its like humming… no lyrics.. its not in the ost.. do you know what it is?


  2. Hihi!
    There were alot of songs that they played in the background that were instrumental…Do you know which episode or scene was it from?


  3. hi i also want to ask the title of the humming sound? it’s in the episode where xiang qin is trying on her wedding dress and the brother says to her the time when zhishu kissed her the 2nd time.


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