YounHa – Girl (Single)

Language: Japanese
Genre: Pop Rock
Released: 22 July 2009

Track List:

  1. Girl
  2. 贈りそびれた言葉

First, I would like to question – “WHY ONLY 2 SONGS!?” Usually, singles come with at least 3-6 tracks. And this is YounHa’s (another one of my favorite female artists in Korea) comeback to the Japanese charts. Her awesome voice deserves way more than just 2 songs on a single. Anyway, on with the (short) review ..

When I think of YounHa doing jpop, I remember her Bleach/Houki Boshi song.
Even though this song has a more rock sound, it’s still a VERY nice song.
Her vocals are impeccable and I can listen to this song over and over again.
I can imagine this song as a theme to a Japanese drama.
Don’t believe me? Listen and hear for yourself.

I LOVE the short 20 second intro to this song.
That beat really had me and then so did the rest of the song.
I really prefer this one over the title track.
Plus, the piano in the back .. ahh, I miss it!

Rating: 8 out of 10

For the lack of songs.

This has been a Haejin review.


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