Koike Teppei – Kimidake (Single)

Language: Japanese
Genre: Pop
Released: 24 June 2009

Track List:

  1. キミだけ
  2. ラフライター
  3. 君に贈る歌 (Acoustic Version)

Koike Teppei starts off this solo single with the title track, “kimidake.”
And I have to say, I really like it!
He has an interesting/unique voice.
His singing isn’t exactly the best, but dude can SING.
This is a nice must listen ^.^

Another really nice song!
I like the music for this song more than Kimidake, but his vocals in Kimidake are better.
What else can I say, just listen to this song!

君に贈る歌 (Acoustic Version)
I didn’t like this song as much as the other two, but it’s still nice.
I haven’t heard the original version of this song.
When it said “acoustic version,” I thought it’d be slower.
I think it’d be nicer if this song was slower :]
Still a nice song to listen to every once in a while.

Rating: 9 out of 10

The last song didn’t do much for me, but the first two are good.
Wish there were more songs though >.<

This has been a Haejin review.


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