Atashinchi no Danshi – Episode 10

  • Title: アタシんちの男子
  • Title (romaji): Atashinchi no Danshi
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Episodes: 11
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-14 to 2009-Jun-23
  • Theme song: Infinity by GIRL NEXT DOOR

Episode 10 Review

I totally thought that nothing can be as good as episode 8 was. Looks like AtaDan has proved me wrong! And I love them for that. Episode 10 is epic entertainment; full of comedy, heart, romance (uhh sorta), and most of all FAMILY LOVE!

We start off with Tokita telling everyone to vacate the castle within 3 days. Of course, they refuse and as he leaves Satoru throws his shoe at him; only to have Tokita come back and hammer throw the shoe into the wall.

that must have been some throw
instant kill I would say

After the drama in the living room, we see Chisato reminiscing in her room and Sho knocks on the door. (Yes, this is going to be another biased review .. well only semi-biased) He tries to cheer her up by referring to her looking like a stray cat with sumo-wrestlers’ names.

Sho’s got nice hands!

He knows just how to make her smile!

If you can’t see the love in Sho’s eyes, you’re blind I tell you.

sweet sweet moment
totally comfortable with one another ..

Until Sho says “When you smile, it makes me feel better.” Bring in awkward silence! Naturally, Sho tries to wave it off by saying that it’s what Masaru & Satoru said. Oh Sho, you’re terrible at this. Just as Sho steps outside Chisato’s room, Masaru is standing behind the door .. waiting for his prey x]  He asks Sho what he was doing in Chisato’s room and of course, Sho says “nothing.” The next morning, we see the Ohkura family in the living room eating breakfast:

look at all that food!
it’s more of a buffet to me.

During breakfast, they’re discussing the mother goals and trying to decifer Fuu’s letter from Shinzo. And we all know what happens when they talk about the mother goals .. Kyoko the lawyer appears out of nowhere. But before she can say anything, Fuu stops her and ..

PSYCH! Sorry, but there’s no romance between these two lol. Instead, Fuu whips out a cd with a video message from Shinzo and questions her about it. There’s a suspicion that everything was planned from the beginning. NO DUH. I thought that was pretty obvious after episode 6. If you thought it was obvious sooner, sorry I’m a bit slow. Anyways, Kyoko tries to avoid the question and succeeds! She announces the next mother goal – to make an invention and gives them the blueprints to who knows what. Later, you see all 5 brothers (yes, Takeru is still gone T_T) in the living room with Fuu trying to make the invention and everyone else playing cards. Well, actually Akira is asleep. Once Fuu finishes the uhh helmet (?) everyone makes Masaru the guinea pig .. including a sleeping Akira:

So ruthless in his sleep! Poor Masaru lol

After they forcefully put the helmet on Masaru, a huge explosion sets off! They all hurry to Chisato’s room only to find it blown up. I love how Fuu tries to be the eldest brother by telling them to wait as he takes a look first, but fails to notice the giant hole in the door as he struggles with the door knob. True baka moment~! Turns out that Kokudo was the one who blew up Chisato’s room without realizing it since Tokita had asked him to put a clock gear in there. Evil Tokita! It’s a warning to the Ohkura brothers: “Don’t you care about what happens to Chisato?” While all this is happening, Tokita had called out Chisato and offers her a deal to get out of the Trick Heart Castle. The deal: leave and he will give everyone money. Naturally, Chisato kind of agrees since she’s thinking about the safety of everyone. Value people more than things! How heroic! She goes back to the castle and asks them to leave with her but they refuse. And tells her to leave if she really wants to, throwing in how she’s only in it for the money.

Such a heart-wrenching scene!
love can be so cruel!

So Chisato leaves and the guys watch her from afar ..

Just look at those sad faces!

Kokudo watches Chisato leave as well and tells the 5 Ohkura boys that it was mean. But, they did it for her own good before she gets hurt. Tough love! Be cruel to the one you love in order to protect them. That never works, like I said in the last review. It always gets revealed sooner or later. On the other hand, I love how th boys are thinking of Chisato rather than themselves. Anyway, Chisato decides to visit Takeru and she tells him what happened. After she leaves, Takeru and his father talk about how his father is okay with living alone because what makes Takeru happy, makes him happy. Chisato ends up crashing at Daikon Man’s house. Meanwhile, Tokita is at the net cafe and hires all of Chisato’s bodyguards. Their mission: to get the Ohkura’s out of Trick Heart Castle. At first they refuse, but he then promises to wave off Chisato’s debt. So like the true morons they are, the agree. Those bakas! Back at the castle, Sho enters the living room only to find Fuu still working on the invention. And this is where Fuu interrogates Sho about his feelings for Chisato. Naturally, Sho denies it and Fuu starts to say how great a catch Chisato is. Sho’s reaction:


Fuu then tells Sho that he’s so obvious. No kidding Sherlock! Back at the Daikon farm, Chisato finds Shinzo’s tear gas invention and a picture of Shinzo with Daikon Man. Daikon Man enters the room, Chisato asks what’s going on, and out pops Kyoko. They then reveal the whole truth to Chisato. How her mother and Shinzo fell in love, how they were engaged, how Fuu’s mother came and told Shinzo that he has a child, how Chisato’s mother leaves him .. when she’s pregnant! That’s right! Chisato’s mother was pregnant with her. So that means .. CHISATO IS REALLY SHINZO’S DAUGHTER!! Well, at least she’s not really married to Shinzo. She’s just his offspring and Fuu’s half sister. What was Shinzo doing in his younger days!? Turns out, Shinzo never knew he had a daughter until Chisato’s mother died.

It hurts to watch Chisato break down T_T

At the castle, the boys are in the sauna and takeru comes back! YAY! It’s about time, took him long enough ..

ahhh~ brotherly love ❤
brotherly “half-naked” love

This good moment just had to be ruined by the family crusher, Tokita. He reveals to them that .. Chisato isn’t married to Shinzo and that she’s his daughter. Naturally, everyone is shocked except for Fuu (since he knew it from the beginning). He’s pretty good at keeping secrets, unlike Takeru. While everyone is in the living room, in shock, Takeru decides to out Sho’s face-grabbing kiss to everyone. This is my FAVORITE scene in this episode (yeah, shocker that my favorite scene isn’t a ChiSho scene)! This revealed secret leads to an infuriated Satoru ..

Sho seriously had no idea what was coming to him.

And an aggressive Masaru.
WOW he’s finally manning up!
Guess he’s been taking lessons from Satoru.

The whole scene is thoroughly entertaining and funny. Except for the fact that Akira was in shock what Chisato isn’t his mom T_T Poor little guy. Akira storms out of the room, followed by Satoru & Masaru. Now, that leaves Sho and Takeru to fight (again) while Fuu tries to intervene only to have the two shut him up ..

in unison!

Next scene! We see Chisato at the net cafe, thinking back about Shinzo. Her debt-collecting-father shows up and they have a heart to heart talk about everything that has happened. I really liked this scene between the two and it shows how her “father” isn’t such a bad guy. He got into gambling in order to try and pay for Chisato’s mother’s hospital bills. So sweet~. Back at the castle we see Takeru building a wooden fence around the castle entrance. Like that’s gonna stop anything. In Satoru’s room, we see Satoru lying on his bed when he hears Akira yell “she’s back!” He immediately springs up and runs to the living room, only to be stopped by Sho & Masaru ..

Satoru comes down the long stretch.
But here comes Sho with a grab-and-swing move.

Sho takes the lead!
But Satoru is right on his tail.

Satoru pushes Sho past the mark!
Here’s Masaru with a come-from-behind sneak.
Who will win this race!?

And it’s a Sho victory!
With Satoru & Masaru right behind him.

But, the person who came back isn’t Chisato (like they thought it was). Instead, it’s Inoue-san who has returned from her training. Sorry Inoue, we still love you! Outside, there’s a mob of Tokita’s minions (including Chisato’s bodyguards). Those traitors! They start their attack as the 6 Ohkura boys run inside. Out of nowhere, a bulldozer comes pushing back the angry mob of minions and on it is Chisato! .. and Kokudo. She has the Miracle tear gas invention strapped to her and begins to spray the crowd of idiots.

Chisato to the rescue!
Kakkoi na~

She makes her way through the crowd and into the castle (with the help of Kokudo sacraficing himself). Inside, the 6 Ohkura boys come out crying. Chisato thinks it’s because they missed her, but it turns out that the tear gas sprayer was a bit too strong ..

they should have closed the window!

LMAO! This is the best crying face I’ve ever seen! ❤

After everyone wipes their tears away, they go outside and they’re ready to face the evil Tokita (who’s dressed as a failed attempt to be in a Shakespearean play). And they do it in THE COOLEST way ever!

don’t mess with THIS!
I love how all the tall people are on one side and all the short ones on the other x]

The COOLEST family .. EVER~!

And that concludes this awesome episode. If you do not love this family, then you need to go drown yourself in a toilet because this family is just tooooo cool for you! Ahh I’m so sad that there’s only ONE more episode left T_T and in a couple of hours .. it will all be over. SAY IT AIN’T SO! In the preview we see everyone leaving, NO DON’T LEAVE!

Rating: 20 out of 10

This has been a Haejin review ^.^


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