V6 – Spirit (Single)

Language: Japanese
Genre: Pop
Released: 17 June 2009


CD One:

  1. スピリット (Spirit)
  2. CHANCE!
  3. 明日の傘 (Ashita no Kasa)
  4. どうかよろしく。 (Douka Yoroshiku.)
  5. スピリット(Karaoke)
  6. CHANCE!(Karaoke)
  7. 明日の傘(Karaoke)
  8. どうかよろしく。(Karaoke)

Bonus CD:

  1. スタートライン (Star Line) – 20th Century
  2. Desert Eagle – Coming Century
  3. red – 20th Century
  4. Are you ready tonight? – Coming Century

スピリット (Spirit)
Upbeat and fun, this track will have you dancing and singing along.
Especially the chorus!
It’s just so damn catchy!

I actually find this song kind of weird.
Not really my kind of beat, but it’s tolerable.
It has that tropical kind of feel.
And if you’re thinking of singing to this song, I hope you can sing fast.
Some of the words are sung really fast; I can hardly keep up.
The only english words you can actually understand are chance and alright.
Good luck trying to understand the rest.

明日の傘 (Ashita no Kasa)
Ah, this is the V6 I know! Ballads~
This is a really beautiful song full of beautiful vocals.
A definite must listen for V6 fans, like myself.

どうかよろしく。 (Douka Yoroshiku.)
Groovy song with a groovy beat.
(Note: I never use the word groovy but that’s the only way I can describe this song)
All I can say is that this track is better than “CHANCE!”.

Can’t really say much. It’s just music.
Although, I don’t mind listening to 明日の傘(Karaoke) on it’s own without the words.

スタートライン (Star Line) – 20th Century
Aside from the long intro, this song is pretty nice.
You get to hear Sakamoto’s awesome vocals in this semi-upbeat song.

Desert Eagle – Coming Century
Coming Century sure gets better songs than 20th Century.
I love this song! The beat is good too.
And their rap parts are really awesome!
All-in-all this song is great~

red – 20th Century
I prefer this song than Star Line.
Their vocals are way more clear here.

Are you ready tonight? – Coming Century
Despite the virtually strange intro, this song is kinda catchy.
It’s not as great as Desert Eagle, but I still love it!
I can imagine this song being played at some club in Japan with some remixing.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

This has been a Haejin review.


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