Atashinchi no Danshi – Episode 09

  • Title: アタシんちの男子
  • Title (romaji): Atashinchi no Danshi
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Episodes: 11
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-14 to 2009-Jun-23
  • Theme song: Infinity by GIRL NEXT DOOR

Episode 09 Review

Continuing from the oh-so-awesome episode 8! We actually get to see the aftermath of Sho’s flail-worthy, face-grabbing kiss he gave Chisato. As great as it would have been to see something more intimate happen, it’s still a family drama so it’s only natural Chisato (who is a bit confused and dazed) pushes Sho away. You can’t deny it, Chisato! I see it, we all can see the sparks coming out of your eyes. She storms off and Sho is left staring at  her. Throughout this episode you see Chisato trying to ignore Sho whenever he talks to her. Honestly, this is too cute for words~ They’re such little kids >.<  But, Chisato can’t ignore him for long since she ends up talking to him again later on in the episode. AND they’re alone. These two are alone so much, what are Masaru & Satoru doing!? I guess these two are so preoccupied with competing with each other for Chisato that they don’t notice the electrifying chemistry Sho and Chisato are sparking. You have to be blind not to see it. However, this episode isn’t about Sho and Chisato (I know, sad isn’t it?).

Episode 9 focuses on Takeru, the only brother who has yet to have an episode about himself. Well, Takeru’s father comes back after he hears that Shinzo has passed and like all the other brothers, he refuses to confront his own past. His father had been sent to prison for killing a man, not just any man .. a cop. When Takeru visited his father in prison as a teenager, he tells Takeru that Ohkura Shinzo would be adopting him and to never visit or see him again. Awww, would break my heart too if my parents told me something like that. (Side note: The teenage version of Takeru is SO cute! I wonder who he is~)  Naturally, Takeru’s father wanted him to grow up nicely without the burden of his father being a killer. Not like that’s gonna make Takeru feel better. This is a good case of – Tough Love. You know .. the whole act-like-a-jerk-to-the-ones-you-love-so-they’ll-hate-you never works -__-;  The truth always gets revealed in the end anyway. After Takeru finds out the truth, he decides to live with his father. NOOOO! Don’t you know that a family MUST stick together.

Side plots of Episode 9:

  • Completing about 3 mother tasks all in one episode! One involving American football gear and doing 100 jumps in jump roping. (can these mother goals get any more random?)
  • Tokita being his evil-four-eyed self and paying off Kyoko with a Yoshikawa Yutaka concert ticket in a huge briefcase -_- does the guy really need such a large case for one little piece of paper? I guess it’s for dramatic effect? I would’ve just handed her the thing.
  • When Chisato finally talks to Sho again, it’s under the stars and the moon. The writers really want our hearts to melt don’t they? Well, I hope they’re happy .. IT’S WORKING!
  • If you thought the dog Sho & Akira was playing with is real, you’re not the only one! This family has a fetish for fake pets.

So what’s the family gonna do without their enthusiastic mood-maker? Heck, I’d be so sad to the point where I would march up to his apartment and drag his biker ass all the way back home! I say Sho should do it, just to throw in some great comedy in.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Would have been 10 but,  Takeru left T_T

This has been a Haejin review.


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