Atashinchi no Danshi – Episode 08

  • Title: アタシんちの男子
  • Title (romaji): Atashinchi no Danshi
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Episodes: 11
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-14 to 2009-Jun-23
  • Theme song: Infinity by GIRL NEXT DOOR

Episode 08 Review

Get ready for some flailing and total spazzing from this reviewer. Why? Because this episode is pure gold! No, wait, gold is too simple .. PLATINUM! For those who have watched this, you should know what I mean. This review is practically a pic/cap spam of all my favorite parts in this episode.

So remember what happened at the end of episode 7? Sho & Chisato “accidentally” kiss. Who cares if it was accidental, a kiss is still a kiss. Anyways, they did not continue right off from the kiss. Instead, it starts off with Chisato & Kokudo being bombarded by employees for pay day. The two have absolutely no idea how things go because Inoue, who has decided to go train herself after losing to Chisato in arm wrestling, usually takes care of the bills. In the next scene, we see all 6 brothers in the sauna and they are determined to complete the “mother goals.”

Only the writers of AtaDan and HanaKimi will give you this ..

and THIS!
Just imagine if you were Chisato and had to see this everyday.

So at the breakfast table, Chisato is in shock that they come out ..err .. half-naked. She tells them to put clothes on, they ignore her and start arguing like they always do. And what does every Ohkura family argument HAVE to have? Sho & Takeru going at each other’s throats! It leads to a smack-around kind of quarrel that leads to ..

Sho falling into Chisato’s lap.
Talk about your prayers being answered x]

Takeru makes fun of them, which causes everyone to remember their “accidental” kiss. Through all the fun commotion, Sho gets a phone call and takes it outside. Turns out that the guy who took care of him at the orphanage needs 8 million yen to keep the orphanage open. Listening in on his call is Kokudo, who is more preoccupied about the “kiss” and tells him that Chisato is like a newborn fawn when it comes to romance. He returns to the living room and they complete the first task: Have a meal together. Later on, we see Sho at the orphanage giving a guy named Shimura an envelope full of money; with Kokudo and Heiji spying on him as well. After their little chat, Sho returns to the castle and they complete goal #2: get everyone’s handprints. That is where goal #3 is introduced: select the head of the family. Now it’s time to play a game of – pass the responsibility. Here’s what Takeru would make everyone look like if he were chosen:

normal .. now brace yourselves!

If Takeru’s wasn’t awesome, then how about Sho’s visionary!

Doesn’t that just make you melt? If not, then it should! Well they don’t end up picking anyone. Kyoko comes in holding a case with 10 million yen in it. This money is to pay the bills, so sadly no shopping spree for anybody. Shortly after, they are locked inside the Trick Heart Castle and the electricity is out; so they split up into teams of 2 (except for Fuu, he gets to be by his-lonesome-self. Takeru & Akira are teamed up. Masaru & Satoru are stuck with each other (no surprise there, they always seem to be paired up anyway). And finally, Chisato & Sho! These two are always together anyway ❤  I’m not going to bother talking about each pair; only Sho and Chisato. Why? Because this review is extremely biased and based on my favorite couple x]  So the two are in Satoru’s prison-of-a-room, the kid lives in a cage -_-; and Sho reveals his past, how he was abandoned, Shimura took care of him like a father, and when Shinzo adopted him. He then questions why he’s telling her all this and blames it on the full moon. Yeah right Sho. Really? The full moon!? If it really is because of the full moon, then I’m waiting for the werewolves to come out and attack at any moment. So she gives him this concerned look and as he walks over to her, he trips and ..

do it with me .. flail! you know you want to!
well Sho calls these things “accidents” and they’re happening for a reason~

Well of course the moment gets awkward, but (once again) who cares! -happy dances- Anyways, Fuu calls Kyoko because he knows it was all planned and then he finds Kokudo eating ramen in a corner. Masaru find the breaker, the lights come back on, and everyone notices the case of money is missing. There’s a new game now – the blame game! They start blaming each other on who took it. Takeru points out Sho since he overheard the conversation with Chisato earlier. Then Fuu shows up with Kokudo in tow, who really took the money but he did it for Sho’s sake. Turns out that Shimura was just conning money from him to pay of his huge debt. Sho wouldn’t believe it (naturally) and begs to borrow the money. Everyone refuses except Chisato so she gives the case to him. Next, he’s standing in front of the orphanage and finds Chisato hiding behind the bush. Shimura comes out, he questions him and of course the a-hole lies. After the case is given to Shimura, a whole mess of cops come out (like some kind of drug bust) and arrest Shimura. The truth is finally .. the truth! He and Chisato return to the castle all depressed. The next day, he goes back to the orphanage only to find that it’s reopening! O.O! Sure saw that coming haha. He runs back home and asks about the orphanage and Takeru tells him that it was Chisato’s idea. Sho runs outside to find her and sees her looking at the stars.

Romantic point #1 – alone time
Romantic point #2 – stars!
Romantic point #3 – full moon

He asks her about the donation to the orphanage. She says everyone wanted to protect what was important to him. How sweet! That’s like icing on the cake .. but wait it gets better! She then states that she doesn’t think Shimura is a bad person and that he probably had no choice to do what he did. Chisato says that maybe her father was the same and asks “I guess I’m being naive.” Sho then states “You are.” Grabs her shoulders to turn her around and! The moment is ruined by a scene cut. We see everyone elsein the sauna, then Tokita appears on the screen declaring that Miracle belongs to him. Anyway, back outside!

Romantic point #4 – intent staring

Chisato: Is this another accident?
Sho: .. nope
Chisato: Then, it must be because of the full moon.
Sho: There is no full moon tonight.

Just as things were getting good, Takeru comes outside to warn them about what has just happened. But, like I said earlier! Who gives a damn, especially at a moment like this!! But, Takeru stops once he sees the scene in front of him. Good. Don’t you dare say a word! Well Sho pulls Chisato in for a hug:

Romantic point #5 – HUG
to be hugged by a man like that .. lucky Chisato!

Chisato pulls away from Sho. And .. get ready for it ..

Every girl’s freakin dream~

I don’t need words to describe this!
All I need to do is FLAIL and jump around the room.

And that is where this AWESOME episode ends. And what a way to end it. That is seriously one of the most romantic kisses in a jdrama I have EVER seen. If there were more scenes like this, then I’d be more into romance dramas.

Rating: 20 out of 10
I don’t need to explain why x]

This has been a Haejin review.


9 thoughts on “Atashinchi no Danshi – Episode 08

  1. seriously that gif. I squeal everytime I see it so I refrain from scrolling to it but whatever XD;
    Your review was so thorough :’D (well for the shoxchisato, but I’m not complaining.. )


  2. OMG!
    and you even put the pics of them in their fighter robes and suits.. WOOT! =D
    that gif? epic.

    this entire review as well as the episode in general? EPICCCCCCCC! ❤ ❤


  3. omg thanks for this review! All the points that are important, are in there! HAAH Like all above, this kiss is one of the most romantic I’ve seen in jdramas. It totally reflected Sho’s character! All the events that led to the kiss..the dialogue..perfect!! Oh can I put the gif on my blog? With due credits of course, and on my own server.


  4. OMG!
    that’s freaking awesome!
    Sho is love!
    I love him from the start…
    I have this feeling that there’s gonna be something between them…

    I just wish they made this full blast! hahaha!!!
    make something more with Sho & Chisato…

    I can’t help but smile like a crazy girl… ❤


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