Atashinchi no Danshi (2009)

  • Title: アタシんちの男子
  • Title (romaji): Atashinchi no Danshi
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Episodes: 11
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-14 to 2009-Jun-23
  • Theme song: Infinity by GIRL NEXT DOOR


These days, the term “homeless” has taken on new meaning. There are youths referred to as “net cafe refugees,” who have neither a job nor a place to live, but who find themselves hopping around internet cafes. One such refugee is a 20-year-old girl named Chisato, who lost her mother at a young age due to sickness. She spent her youth trying to escape from the huge debt her father left her, and her battle with the repossessors unfolded every night. However, her life changed after meeting one man named Shinzo, changing her views on the meaning of “family.” Shinzo comes from a rich family tracing back to the Edo period, and he adopted six good-looking sons with the hope of one becoming his successor, but all of them have strange personalities. Shinzo promises to free Chisato from her debt if she marries him and becomes the mother of his sons. However, a life with these six guys under one roof will not go smoothly…


Horikita Maki as Mineta Chisato :: Maki-chan is back with another comedy! (Her last one being Hanazakari no Kimitachi e) She plays Mineta Chisato, a girl burdened with her no-good-of-a- father’s 100 million yen debt. In order to evade those debt collectors, she lives as a homeless girl with a ridiculous wig in her cardboard shack. I have to admit; I would have never pictured Maki to pick this kind of role (nor have I seen her like this; it’s down right hilarious). Anyway, Chisato is merely 20 years old and becomes a mother of 6 after a man named Ohkura Shinzo decides to pay off her debt. His request – to be his wife for a month before he dies. If you’re thinking “ew,” then get your mind out of the gutter. Chisato merely has to keep him company and give him companionship, NOTHING ELSE. So after the dude dies, she has to be the mother of his adopted children for 3 months, complete her “mother” goals and her debt is repaid. Her character is spunky (kinda) and has a knack for coming up with wild ideas; this just adds to the fun of the drama. Maki’s portrayal of Mineta Chisato is great! Not only is this kind of role different, but this character adds to Maki’s impressive acting list.

Kaname Jun as Ohkura Fuu :: Kaname Jun, this guy is everywhere! Here he is as 30 year old Ohkura Fuu, the eldest Ohkura son and a wandering artist that attracts hoards of women wherever he goes. Fuu appears to be carefree and nonchalant, but he’s actually a serious person. Just like the other 5 sons, he harbors a hard past however his differs from the rest and he keeps a secret we don’t find out until halfway through the series. At first, he comes off as a jerk and Kaname Jun portrays this so well that I disliked Fuu in the beginning. If you can get the audience to dislike your character, then you’re doing a good job.

Okada Yoshinori as Ohkura Takeru :: Ahh despite Okada Yoshinori having an introverted personality, he plays Ohkura Takeru (a boisterous and mischievious biker gang leader & the second oldest) wonderfully. Takeru is a man who loves to call miracles and has crazy ideas to see these miracles through. He has the toughest past out of the other brothers, but this isn’t shown until episode 9 (which is reviewed as an episode review). Throughout the drama, when there’s a problem – Takeru is the first to be extremely enthusiastic about it. This character literally is the life/mood-setter of the group; he makes everything so lively!

Mukai Osamu as Ohkura Shou :: Mukai Osamu .. is .. SO .. CUTE & HOT!! A deadly combo. Not only is Mukai hot, but so is his character Ohkura Sho (the 3rd son, who is a salesman by day and the #1 host at night). Sho believes that all you need is money and nothing else, that is why he is always in constant need of some cash. However, his reasons for needing money so badly are for two different reasons. 1) Alimony for his ex-wife & his son Riki and 2) this reason gets revealed in episode 8 (which also has an episode review). In the beginning, he does not live with the rest in the Trick Heart Castle. But, as the drama proceeded, he moved back in and continued to help Chisato. Throughout the drama, you can see him constantly next to Chisato which later then manifests itself into something more. Mukai Osamu truly shines in Atashinchi no Danshi and I seriously think that this is his big break. He also has tremendous chemistry with our leading girl. Plus, just staring at him can make your day. So what are you waiting for, STARE .. long and hard.

Yamamoto Yusuke as Ohkura Masaru :: Yamamoto Yusuke, also known as Ghost Boy in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. Here he plays Ohkura Masaru, the 4th son who has a fear of women (yes, that’s right .. WOMEN). As cute as this boy is, he cannot get within a meter of any girl because he’ll just only pass out. Of course, he wasn’t always like this. Due to something that happened when he was in junior high (which is revealed in episode 3). Slowly, he gets over his women phobia with the help of Chisato but this also sparks some feelings for our little bum. At first, it was really hard to watch Yusuke portray such a girly and sensitive character (the dude has eye shadow on for half of the series, tell me that isn’t strange) but he slowly grew on me. Although his character likes to hide his feelings, he realizes the atmosphere of every situation well.

Seto Koji as Ohkura Satoru :: Ahh, my second favorite character! Seto Koji plays Ohkura Satoru, the 5th son who happens to be a hikkomori (shut-in). This was due to a traumatic school life that consisted of constant teasing and mockery from his fellow peers. However, once Chisato enters the scene, she manages to get him out of his room and soon out of the house. Satoru’s personality is like a firecracker; get him mad, he’ll explode (which is highly entertaining! haha). Although Seto Koji was the lead in Koizora, that did not make him shine like it should have. On the other hand, this drama has given his career a push in a good direction.

Okayama Tomoki as Ohkura Akira ::  In his first drama with a steady roll, Okayama Tomoki is new to the tv world. He portrays Ohkura Akira – the 6th/youngest son who is technically a genius with stocks. His story involves his mother and that is revealed in episode 7. Although there isn’t much screen time for the little guy, he does help out his brothers and Chisato when they don’t realize it. This is actually a good start for Okayama Tomoki, who was on an episode of Uta no Onii-san (starring Ohno Satoshi of Arashi).

Storyline & Relationships

This drama is still currently airing. I will complete this page with a full series review. In the mean time, this post will list all the episode reviews that I have done (which are coming soon). But overall, I am LOVING this drama. I haven’t enjoyed a drama like this since Hanazakari no Kimitachi e – which is the same screen writers as Atashinchi no Danshi. See the connection?

Episode Reviews

Episode 01
Episode 02
Episode 03
Episode 04
Episode 05
Episode 06
Episode 07
Episode 08
Episode 09
Episode 10
Episode 11 FINAL

Now that the drama is completed, I can fully rant on and on about how much I love this series! I won’t go into detail about everything since all of that is done through the episode reviews. But this is truly a family drama where bonding is inevitable and down right lovable. The side romance between Sho and Chisato was so awesome however, I wish they would have shown Sho confessing to Chisato in the end. Of course, they can’t show it because this is a family drama and they must stick to the genre even if it kills us. Overall, great drama and very light-hearted. A MUST SEE!!!

Rating: 19.9 out of 10

Why not 20 out of 10?

I wanted to see Sho’s 24th victory that’s why!

This has been a Haejin review.

info &* synopsis credits to d-addicts wiki


4 thoughts on “Atashinchi no Danshi (2009)

  1. KONICHIWA !!!




  2. I love your reviews!!! You’re right, I haven’t watched anything like this since Hana Kimi too (well I enjoyed Nodame Cantabile as much, but it’s not the point). I hope they’ll make a special episode or something… XD

    Still waiting for hte 24th victory!!! Thanks for the reviews!


  3. thanks for the reviews!
    I wish that they could have upped the romance factor. I totally died when Chisato said that he would have earned a 24th victory. So evil of the writers for letting us know that the feeling was mutual but never showing us the confession!
    When do they usually make a special episode after a drama airs? A year? half a year? :/


    1. ^ Drama Specials usually depends on the popularity of the drama itself. But, most specials happen after a year.

      Sad to say, but I don’t think AtaDan will have a drama special. As much as I am desperately wishing for one, the viewership ratings for the drama itself weren’t particularly outstanding. I really want a drama special for this though T_T


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