H2 ~Kimi to Itahibi~

  • Title: H2
  • Tagline: 君といた日々 / Kimi to Itahibi
  • Tagline (English): The Days with You
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Sports, romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 11
  • Viewership ratings: 11.59
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Broadcast period: 2005-Jan-13 to 2005-Mar-30
  • Air time: Thursday 22:00
  • Theme song: Over … by K


Kunimi Hiro was an ace pitcher in junior high school,until he was diagnosed by a doctor as having a “glass elbow”. He gave up baseball and joined Senkawa Senior High School’s soccer team. But then something happens that reignites his passion for baseball and he joins a baseball team managed by Koga Haruka. And he finds himself in a match against his old friend/rival Tachibana Hideo who has advanced to Meiwa No.1 High School. The meeting of the two is observed by Hideo’s girlfriend Amamiya Hikari, who is also Hiro’s childhood friend. Meanwhile, Haruka finds herself increasingly drawn towards Hiro, despite his being interested only in baseball. It’s a story about high school students who dream of appearing at Koushien baseball tournament and young love.


Yamada Takayuki as Kunimi Hiro :: If you wonder how clueless a guy can be, then this is your man to conduct studies from! Kunimi is as clueless as a door knob. The only thing he seems to have full knowledge of is baseball. Granted that this is a baseball drama, he has no idea about relationships and other things that fall into the category. Throughout out this whole drama he is either thinking about baseball or about his childhood friend he loves “oh so much” but is taken by his best friend and rival, Hideo. And he doesn’t even notice someone who is more worthy to love, Haruka, until the end or when Noda tries to fix any problems between the two. He just shrieks of frustration for anyone who watches this. Hiro does have his funny and cute moments though x] Such as: being a typical perverted teenager that likes to look at provocative magazines or saving Haruka from Kine by throwing a baseball at his head.  Yamada Takayuki portrays this character awfully well though. I can’t really imagine someone else playing Kunimi Hiro; it’s probably because he can pull off that really spaced out look perfectly.

Ishihara Satomi as Koga Haruka :: Ahh Ishihara Satomi~ I just love this girl. One of my favorite actresses acting as a cute, innocent, extremely clumsy and naive girl who does anything to help the baseball club and especially Kunimi Hiro. Without Haruka, Hiro could not have made it through his high school life and he would have never played baseball again. It seems like her character in the drama represents is purity. As much as Haruka smiled throughout the drama, it was a sad smile. A smile that expressed her vulnerable and insecure character. Satomi’s portrayal of Koga Haruka is perfect. The scenes where Haruka had her clumsy moments was priceless and I’m glad that Ishihara Satomi was chosen to play Koga Haruka. And I always looked forward to her constant tripping in this x] .. I know .. sounds evil haha.

Tanaka Koutaro as Tachibana Hideo :: Tanaka Koutaro as Tachibana Hideo was nice. Even though Hideo and Hiro were rivals, they were best friends first and he never let his insecurities concerning his girlfriend, Amamiya Hikari, come between their friendship. Tanaka Koutaro was perfect for the role of Hideo, the nice and sweet male character. Not to mention, watching him bat is awesome. What more can you ask for? Tall, handsome, sweet, athletic .. almost seems to good to be real right? Yeah, I thought so too.

Ichikawa Yui as Amamiya Hikari :: As much as Hikari tries to help the relationship between Hiro and Haruka, she still gets in the way -_-;;  Amamiya Hikari is a character that doesn’t seem to know what she wants. She has the perfect boyfriend and, yet, she can’t seem to let go of her childhood friend, Hiro. She loves both of them but come on .. you can’t have both. Ichikawa Yui plays this character quite nicely, but I couldn’t stop staring at her ears (I know, that has nothing to do with her acting. But you have to admit, they stick out like a sore thumb).

Nakao Akiyoshi as Noda Atsushi :: Cute, adorkable, funny .. I love Nakao Akiyoshi so~! His portrayal of Noda Atsushi is nothing short of perfection. Akiyoshi has a knack for playing the cute and goofy loyal friend that stays with you until the end. Now, if only he’d stay by my side until the end ;]  With a smile always plastered on his face, you can’t help but grin (he’s that CUTE!) Now onto Noda Atsushi~ even though Noda is not considered a leading actor, he helps the leading couple, Hiro and Haruka, as much as he possibly can. Without Noda, I don’t think Hiro would have a clue. So .. props to Noda ❤  It seems as though Noda is the one that noticed the constant heartache Haruka went through and tries to make Hiro open his eyes a bit more. I kind of wondered if Noda had a little crush on Haruka or not. In my perspective, he seemed to care more about her than Hiro did sometimes. GO NODA!!

Ishigaki Yuma as Kine Ryutaro :: SUPER HIGH TENSION 24/7!!! <– That is the best way to describe Ishigaki Yuma’s character, Kine Ryutaro. Idiotic and funny, this character brings in some of the comical relief to the drama. Although his character is cocky, he’s cocky in a hilarious kind of way. His persistence with Haruka helps the two leads meet fatefully when he tried to “put the moves” on her. Because of him, the two become just a bit closer. However, because of him, Haruka was always constantly saddened by Hiro’s attention towards Hikari (but of course he isn’t the mastermind behind that plan. It’s actually another girl’s plan, but she later becomes Kine’s girlfriend and the two make an unbelievably .. err .. odd yet funny couple).

Storyline & Relationships

Overall, I liked the simplicity and realism this drama projected. It shows the innocence that teenagers have concerning goals and love. Ah youthful dreams and young love. Don’t you just miss those days? Well I wouldn’t know since I am currently living through those “days.” Anyways, Kunimi Hiro, Koga Haruka, Tachibana Hideo, and Amamiya Hikari go through a time where they gradually decide their future and experience small relationship drama. However, when you watch the drama, there really isn’t much to decide because it can all be solved in a simple way. BUT .. you have to have at least one dense character and that is none other than Hiro. Yep, baseball whirls around in his mind almost the entire time, maybe he’s been hit one too many times in the head with a bat. Not only that, when it comes to relationships and love, he hasn’t got a clue .. not ONE.

Hideo and Hikari .. I admit they’re cute. One can see that they understand each other very well, with a few misconceptions here and there. However, both characters seem to think about Hiro more than each other o_O Can you say strange? As the drama progressed, their relationship became strained and odd. In the beginning they seemed so happy together, then as Hiro baseball team progressed, they were so engrossed with what Hiro was doing they seem to have forgotten their own relationship. Hikari payed more attention to Hiro and so did Hideo. However, Hideo seemed to be more concerned with the fact that Hikari was paying so much attention to Hiro. Who can blame him? Hikari obviously didn’t know what she wanted and neither did Hiro. She wants the best for Hiro and, for some reason, her feelings for him never went away or did it or what!? She loves Hiro .. but she also loves Hideo, which is it!? It turns out in the end the problem was between Hideo and Hikari .. what was the problem? The answer is simple, Hideo’s insecurities regarding Hiro and Hikari’s fickleness.

Now, Hiro and Hikari .. they have one strange relationship. It’s obvious they like each other as more than friends, but none of them progress that relationship further than mere childhood friends. They both seem to have forgotten that they were in a relationship with other people (well Hiro didn’t necessarily have a relationship). These two made me feel like grabbing a baseball bat and knocking both of them on the head with it. It’s either you want to be with each other or not! And .. it was obvious they did. Were they too scared to act on those feelings they felt for each other? Not only that, it was obvious they liked each other when they were kids and the only reason they never got together was because Hiro was short -_-;; What kind of reason is that!? Don’t people know that boys grow taller later than girls. Of course, they were mere grade schoolers who didn’t have a clue. Hikari obviously cared for Hiro and wanted to remain his good friend instead of a lover. Now why did she have to go and kiss him? Beats the heck out of me too. These two frustrate me .. I’m surprised I am not bald from all the hair-pulling out of frustration.

On to my favorite couple, Hiro and Haruka! I have never felt more sorry for a female lead than I did for Haruka. As much as she tried to help out Hiro, he fails to appreciate her existance. The only time he realizes it is when Noda mentions it or when she doesn’t speak to him. However, there are really cute moments when Hiro knows just when to say the right and sweet things to Haruka. But, right after something sweet happens for the two of them .. it all comes crashing down like a 10.0 earthquake the next day. Why? Because the fool can’t get Hikari out of his head. Why? Because he’s a fool, that’s why. As much as Hiro frustrated me, he didn’t stop me from loving this couple. I would’ve been kinda upset if Hiro and Haruka didn’t end up together in the end.

Rating :: 9 out of 10

Drama synopsis & info credits to wiki.d-addicts

This has been a Haejin review.


2 thoughts on “H2 ~Kimi to Itahibi~

  1. “Ichikawa Yui plays this character quite nicely, but I couldn’t stop staring at her ears (I know, that has nothing to do with her acting. But you have to admit, they stick out like a sore thumb).”

    Ahaha, same for me. She has big ears that stick out a lot…

    I agree with everything you said in this review. Good drama overall, even though the Hiro and Hikari thing was frustrating for me.


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