Full House 풀하우스

  • Title: 풀하우스 / Pool Ha-woo-seu
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Broadcast period: 2004 July 14 to 2004 September 02
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:00
  • Viewership ratings: peak=42.2% avg=31.9%
  • Chief Producer: Kim Jong Shik
  • Producer: Jung Sung Hyo
  • Director: Pyo Min Soo
  • Writer: Min Hyo Jung
  • Synopsis

    A story about love and heartbreak, sadness and self-preservation.

    A naive, cheerful albeit, somewhat of a recluse writer, Han Ji Eun is swindled out of everything she owns. Not by strangers, but her best friends! Stranded in China, she is determined to get home with the help of an actor, Lee Young Jae. She borrows money from him after coming up with a clever lie and plans to pay him back after landing in Korea, only to find that all which is precious to her has been sold. In an attempt to get her possessions back, she has entered in a contract marriage with Young Jae for one year. It is quite simple, until strong feelings start to develop. Everyone around them test the “love” Young Jae and Ji Eun have for one another.


    Song Hye Kyo as Han Ji Eun :: The beautiful and amazing Song Hye Kyo plays a wannabe online romance writer who gets mixed up with rising actor Lee Young Jae (Jung Ji Hoon/Bi/Rain). I love her character; she knows what she wants and hates to be looked down upon. Her spunky attitude and antics has kept me entertained throughout this series. Even though she’s insecure about herself, she’s stubborn as heck. Of course, compared to her counterpart, she is extremely short; she manages to tower over him at times. On the other hand, if I were her, I’d make her so-called friends suffer a thousand deaths for what they did to her.

    Jung Ji Hoon/Bi/Rain as Lee Young Jae :: One of the best Korean entertainers to date does an excellent job portraying the naive and sensitive actor Lee Young Jae. As tall as he is, he is one of the biggest cry-babies (and I mean this in a good way). Of course, he doesn’t love Ji Eun at first and only uses her as a housemaid. He unconditionally loves his friend, Kang Hye Won (Han Eun Jung), who doesn’t see him as a man and loves their other childhood friend named Yoo Min Hyuk (Kim Sung Soo). It’s naturally frustrating to watch Young Jae constantly ditch Ji Eun for Hye Won and it makes you want to hit him in the head with a frying pan to knock some sense into his dense head. Overall, his character is highly amusing to watch.

    Han Eun Jung as Kang Hye Won :: Of course, Han Eun Jung always plays the bad girl .. and she’s damn good at it. Hye Won’s character is pushy, self-centered, and often misunderstood. Although she’s much more aggressive than Ji Eun, this attitude of hers is less than flattering. BUT, with the help of Hye Won, Ji Eun’s character shines even more. Hye Won’s the type of character that doesn’t realize what they have .. until they lose it and this is exactly what happens when she first hears that Young Jae is getting married. She starts to cling to him more and more, even though she has more feelings for Min Hyuk. This raises the question .. Can’t she just pick one!?

    Kim Sung Soo as Yoo Min Hyuk :: There always has to be a man watching everything unfold on the sidelines as the two females battle for the lead’s attention. However, Min Hyuk’s character only watches from the sidelines in the beginning and in an attempt to protect Ji Eun, he begins to take action due to his feelings for her. He’s naturally the nice-player guy who falls for the female lead that has no romantic interest in him. And things don’t get any easier when he hires Ji Eun as a writer. Handsome, charming, rich .. he’s everything a girl could ask for, but is having all that too much?

    Storyline & Relationships

    Ahh .. how can I say put this in words? This drama is awesome! Funny and dramatic .. but mostly funny. However, the bickering could’ve been put to a minimum. Then again, that’s what happens when the two lead characters, who are alike in many ways, clash. If Ji Eun had not come into Young Jae’s life, he would’ve been fawning over Hye Won all his life and be miserable as she constantly chases after Min Hyuk who won’t give her the time of day.

    Let’s start off by saying, POOR JI EUN! How can her two best friends do that to her!? How can they just sell her house that connects her to her parents?? Not only do they screw with her life once, but many other times as well. Even if they didn’t mean to, they deserve at least one butt whooping. However, when they notice that Ji Eun and Young Jae encounter problems dealing with their relationship, they actually try to help out. I guess it’s their way of repaying Ji Eun for all that they’ve done to her. Anyway, without them, Young Jae and Ji Eun wouldn’t have started their .. strange relationship.

    Hye Won and Min Hyuk .. these two go back and forth like crazy. Even though Hye Won likes Min Hyuk, she leeches after Young Jae once he’s married and sticks to him like glue .. no not glue .. SUPER glue. Min Hyuk, on the other hand, pursues Ji Eun even though he knows that she only has eyes for Young Jae. Now between Hye Won and Min Hyuk, it feels like a game of cat and mouse. Honestly, I can only see Young Jae and Ji Eun together. When Young Jae and Hye Won got together at one point, it felt VERY awkward to watch because you’re sitting there knowing that Young Jae loves Ji Eun but won’t admit it (damn his stubbornness). Hye Won knows that Young Jae has feelings for Ji Eun and continues to hold onto him as much as possible creating more heartache for all the characters. When she finally decides to let him go, I would’ve walked up to her and said “What took you so long!?”

    The end was quite cute. Instead of Ji Eun constantly chasing Young Jae, it does a complete 180 as Young Jae tries to get back into Ji Eun’s life. Of course, their kiss was the infamous “Asian stiff lips kiss” where they just smash their closed lips together for about 10 long seconds. All in all, hilarious drama. If you’ve never watched this and you’re planning to, I suggest you turn down your televisions .. not unless you want people to hear all the arguing that goes on HAHA.

    Rating: 9.5 out of 10

    This has been a Haejin review.


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