Hanazakari no Kimitachi e – Eps. 3-5

  • Title: 花ざかりの君たちへ
    Title (romaji): Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
    Tagline: イケメン♂パラダイス / Ikemen Paradise
    Also known as: Hana Kimi
    Format: Renzoku
    Genre: High school romance comedy
    Episodes: 12
    Broadcast network: Fuji TV
    Broadcast period: 2007 July 03 to 2007 September
    Air time: Tuesday 21:00

Theme songs:
Opening theme: Ikenai Taiyo by Orange Range
Ending theme: PEACH by Otsuka Ai



Episode 3

So .. yes, her brother is there to bring her back to America. As for Sano asking her about the e-mail, the fool is still drunk and passes out again. The next day, Mizuki rushes out to buy girl clothes and meets up with her brother.

HanazakarinoKimitachieep03704x396Di.avi_000149015.jpg picture by dramaticallyincorrect

You’d think he would be good looking.

She thinks he doesn’t know about her being in an all boys’ school. But her Onii-chan is smarter than that! Oh yeah .. he knows. And just what does she do? Simple, she makes an excuse to go to the bathroom and .. leaves him hanging there. HAHA! Good job, Mizuki. Of course, if i were her brother, I would’ve followed her to wait outside the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Kagurazaka approaches Sano and informs him about his younger brother, Shin. What about Shin? Why .. he’s high jumping now.

HanazakarinoKimitachieep03704x396Di.avi_000275275.jpg picture by dramaticallyincorrect
I think I’m seeing double!

As for what’s going on at Osaka High, there’s a panty thief stealing panties from the girls at St. Blossoms! Who, in their right mind, would want their underwear!? Naturally, the boys at Osaka help out and Dorm 2 just happens to have a lie detector. Hilarious Nakatsu tries it out. How does it work? The boys ask him a question and he has to answer “no.” If the lights light up, then he’s lying! Everything is fine, until he gets asked, “I like men more than women.” The result …

HanazakarinoKimitachieep03704x396Di.avi_000354821.jpg picture by dramaticallyincorrect

HAHA! There’s no denying it NAKATSU!!

After all that, Mizuki’s brother shows up at the dorms. He gets bombarded by Tennouji and the Dorm 1 men, thinking he’s up to no good. Mizuki comes to his rescue and brings him to her room, where they start a heated argument. About what? Her reasons for being there and to go back to America with him, whether she likes it or not. And he actually has the nerve to slap his own sister! I would’ve punched his lights out for her! Let me at him! Unbeknownst to them, Sano is right outside listening to the entire conversation.

HanazakarinoKimitachieep03704x396Di.avi_000519352.jpg picture by dramaticallyincorrect

Sneaky Sano.

Looks super pissed, doesn’t he? He’s actually super confused, though. He, then, leaves so he won’t be seen.

On a lighter note, Hibari is in the dorm meeting room. Why? She claims that her panties were stolen this time. And what do the guys say? “IT’S A LIE!” HAHA! They think she’s lying. Sucker! Next, Tennouji steps up and asks one of the Hibari Four if her underwear was stolen as well. She nods and out of nowhere, Tennouji gets all passionate about finding the panty thief because she’s his .. fiancee!? Shocking, isn’t it? Muscle head actually has a fiancee. Of course none of the other boys want to look for the panty thief. Why? Because they get nothing out of it. Lazy punks. In comes, Director Sawatari to announce that whichever dorm catches the panty thief does not have to clean for a year. Heck, with that as a prize, I’d join too!

Now, we have Sano sitting on a bench being all emo. And he begins to remember about saving her when he was in America. Why be all sulky? That’s because he thinks it’s his fault that she’s carrying all this guilt around for his injury. Meanwhile, Mizuki is sitting in her dorm, waiting for Sano to get back. Once he does, she begins small talk (like usual) and he just ignores her. I guess he’s still shocked that she’s a girl.

The next day, she’s in Umeda’s office and her brother shows up to the school .. again. He’s there to bring her back .. yada yada. Umeda manages to make him leave by saying that he’ll get her resignation papers ready. Photographer Akira shows up and starts to pester Umeda. I like their friendship .. if that’s even a friendship. They’re funny together! She announces information about Sano’s brother doing the high jump. Switching to the next scene, Mizuki’s brother approaches Sano. Geez, this guy doesn’t quit. So persistent. Anyway, he basically tells Sano that he doesn’t want his sister “wasting her time on a dream that will never come true.” Ooooh yeah, really positive there.

Dorm 2 are discussing the panty thief situation during dinner. Dorm 1 are scouting the perimeter, interrogating every guy they see and using the “all up in your face” method. Dorm 3 is using their “intelligence” and making traps everywhere. Their traps are well made, so well made that …

HanazakarinoKimitachieep03704x396Di.avi_001285717.jpg picture by dramaticallyincorrect
Oscar falls into his own trap. Moron!

Back at dinner time, Nakatsu is contemplating about his sexuality and feelings toward Mizuki. He looks down at his carton of milk and sees the word “homo” on it. Talk about paranoia. He then asks Aura Boy, “What would happen if I like men?” His immediate answer, “I want to change my room.” Nakatsu, “I thought so.” HAHAHA~! Man, Ikuta Toma really plays this character well. I don’t think anyone else can pull off Nakatsu better than him.

And here .. is where the most dramatic part of the episode happens. Sano yells at Mizuki! TT___TT Is he really that mad? No. Guess he can’t take the fact that she’s been a girl the whole time and he had no clue. Clueless baboon. Can’t blame him though. I guess it all came crashing down and hit him like a ton of bricks. Yes, he is THAT shocked. He basically tells her to leave him alone and LEAVE. She runs out crying .. hey she can’t help it. It’s what girls do.

HanazakarinoKimitachieep03704x396Di.avi_001477442.jpg picture by dramaticallyincorrect

She’s crying but .. no tears.
Where are the tears!?

I don’t expect her to cry a river, but at least ONE tear drop couldn’t hurt. She must be dehydrated or something. Back with Sano …

HanazakarinoKimitachieep03704x396Di.avi_001494993.jpg picture by dramaticallyincorrect
He’s mad at himself for yelling at her.
He should be!

Still lookin’ good though! Back to the review, her brother enters Umeda’s office asking for the resignation papers. Umeda, then, scares him using his gayness. And well, Shizuki (Mizuki’s brother, I just remembered his name) is terrified of homos.

Sano is now seen sitting and contemplating. On the other hand, Mizuki is sitting and contemplating as well. What a coincidence! Nakatsu shows up next to Mizuki. He comforts her .. somewhat .. and she falls asleep, her head landing on his shoulder. He cautiously looks at her and BAM! Nakatsu vision once again! He slowly leans his head towards her, aiming for her lips then .. FLASH! Akira takes a picture, stopping Nakatsu and having him chase after her to get the picture. He succeeds and notices a pair of women’s underwear on the floor. Being the type of guy that he is, he over-thinks why he’s getting excited over a pair of underwear and screams “I’M NOT A HOMO!” Silly Nakatsu. We have Hibari, Nanba, and the other dorm guys walking towards the meeting room only to see …

HanazakarinoKimitachieep03704x396Di.avi_001856888.jpg picture by dramaticallyincorrect
Nakatsu singing “I’m not a homo” and dancing on the table.

Hibari screams out .. annoying punk and Nakatsu is, then, seen on his knees. Turns out that the underwear belonged to one of the Hibari Four. Next, he is put onto the lie detector and passes. However, the other dorm guys are not convinced (so trusting, aren’t they?) So, they suggest that Hibari and the girls go search each room.

While they are searching the rooms, Sano and Shizuki consult Mizuki’s choice. He begins to explain the real reason why he doesn’t want to jump. Pressure, understandable. He’s even showing emotions! What a shocker! He also explains how he feels bad that Mizuki had to carry around this guilt the whole time. Sano also explains how he used to dislike Mizuki when she arrived, saying she was “annoying, nosy, and stubborn.” I think those are signs of affection. Hello Sano! Stop being so naive! Of course, Mizuki doesn’t even realize she’s in love with the guy. Sano, then, asks Shizuki to let her stay and attend Osaka High.

HanazakarinoKimitachieep03704x396Di.avi_002301065.jpg picture by dramaticallyincorrect
He’s even bowing too.
How can you say no to him!?

Naturally, Shizuki can’t say no either. Nice guy after all. Back at the dorms, Mizuki’s underwear is found because they were searching the rooms. Once she enters the room, they all interrogate her and that is when Sano comes in to save the day! He’s seen holding a pair of yellow undies and leads them to Yuujiro’s dog house. Turns out Yuujiro is the panty thief, that sneaky dog .. is so awesome! Mizuki is relieved. Sano then walks by her and …

HanazakarinoKimitachieep03704x396Di.avi_002461992.jpg picture by dramaticallyincorrect
Places the underwear on her head.
Does that seem a bit .. wrong to anyone here besides me?

Well anywhooo, all is right with the world again. The next day, Sano is seen getting out of the shower. Can Mizuki be any luckier?? He then asks her what she’s doing. Turns out she’s bombarding the door so her brother can’t come back in. An e-mail from her brother appears.

HanazakarinoKimitachieep03704x396Di.avi_002491422.jpg picture by dramaticallyincorrect
Why can’t he just remain shirtless?

Shizuki tells her to visit during the holidays and at the very bottom it says, “Sano, take care of my little brother.” Awww, he trusts Sano with his sister! That’s almost like giving his blessings for them to marry. Okay, got ahead of myself there. Well, Mizuki is confused by her brother’s message to Sano and questions him if he talked to Shizuki. Sano, of course, denies it.


HanazakarinoKimitachieep03704x396Di.avi_002516413.jpg picture by dramaticallyincorrect
While brushing his teeth.
Don’t matter, he still looks good even with a mouthful of toothpaste.

He, then, leaves (because of being shy, naturally) and comments on her baracade on the door, “This is useless.” Because he still manages to get out. The door ended up opening the other way. HAHA! Good attempt Mizuki! And that is the end of Episode 3 and now .. onto Episode 4!

Episode 4

Because of a pipe burst in Dorm 1, the boys must stay with the guys in Dorm 2 and Dorm 3. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity, Nakatsu begs the Dorm 1 guy, who got Sano & Mizuki’s room, to let him have the room instead. Why? He thinks it’s a perfect opportunity to prove he’s straight. Oh Nakatsu, Nakatsu .. why won’t you just admit it!? Not only that, but he even tries to sleep near Mizuki too. It’s hilarious!

Meanwhile, Osaka boys and St. Blossom girls are going to have a joint party. Looks more like those five minute dates if you ask me. Komari feelings toward Nakatsu continues to grow and Sekime finally likes someone! He even dresses up like that one guy from Gundam. HAHA cosplay!

As for Sano and Mizuki, he’s starting to open up to her! AWWW! Too bad both of them are too naive to notice a thing. Mizuki goes into spy mode once she figures out where Sano’s brother, Shin, is attending school. However, she suddenly sees Sano who’s watching his brother. Rival Kagurazaka says something and that’s when Shin notices Sano. He strides up to him then .. BAM, punches poor Sano in the stomach. Ouch, what a nice family relationship they have there -_-l He basically blames Sano for leaving the family and putting all the pressure on him. Suck it up you big baby. Compared to the magazine picture of Shin, he looks nothing like Sano. In the end, Mizuki and Nakatsu figure out why Sano has been coming home so late. He’s been training himself to jump again. FINALLY! It’s about time. The next day, Sano drags Mizuki with him to confront his brother and tells Shin that he’ll see him at the competition. Shocker? Yes. The man actually has guts.

Episode 5

To be honest, I only skimmed through this episode because there weren’t really any relationship progressing scenes. The only thing that happened is Nanba’s mother, Io-san, found out Mizuki is a girl. She’s one of those awesome mother characters. Sano spent the whole time trying to prove himself at training camp. When he finally attempted his first jump in forever, he knocked the bar down and begged the other guys to give him another chance. The cute mean guy, of course, said no. Why must the cute ones be so cold?? It turns out, Mizuki was there to watch the entire scene! Sano finally notices her then .. that’s the end of the episode.

Will Sano and Mizuki avoid each other forever? Another competition between the dorms? And what’s Mizuki’s parents doing in Japan .. and showing up at Osaka High, no less? Will they finally realize their feelings for each other? If they don’t, I’m gonna demand the directors to do so! HAHA JK!

Yup, more complications arise. Out of no where too.

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e – Eps. 6 review is coming soon!




This has been a Hae Jin review.


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