Hanazakari no Kimitachi e – Eps. 2

  • Title: 花ざかりの君たちへ
    Title (romaji): Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
    Tagline: イケメン♂パラダイス / Ikemen Paradise
    Also known as: Hana Kimi
    Format: Renzoku
    Genre: High school romance comedy
    Episodes: 12
    Broadcast network: Fuji TV
    Broadcast period: 2007 July 03 to 2007 September
    Air time: Tuesday 21:00

Theme songs:
Opening theme: Ikenai Taiyo by Orange Range
Ending theme: PEACH by Otsuka Ai




Horikita Maki as Ashiya Mizuki :: Let’s just say that this chick doesn’t give up. Very persistent. Still love this character though! I find it hilarious how straight forward she is with anyone. “You may look good, but you don’t have a single friend.” LOL! She tells it like it is; even to the guy she admires/likes. However, once she’s alone she shrinks back and scolds herself for not thinking before speaking. A little schitzo? I should say so.

Oguri Shun as Sano Izumi :: Has he lightened up? Hell no! This guy is almost as cold as ice. However, he does show his softer side once in a while; well, only to Mizuki and Youjirou the dog. Other than that, not a chance.

Ikuta Toma as Nakatsu Shuichi :: MY FAVORITE CHARACTER IN THIS EPISODE!! Absolutely cute and funny, no lie! His growing feelings and total denial towards Mizuki is highly entertaining. In episode one, it seems as if he despised Mizuki’s presence. However, now the tables have turned and he’s starting to see her in a different light; a certain pink light.


We begin episode 2 with Dr. Umeda questioning Mizuki about why she’s in an all boys school. Of course, she freaks out but can you blame her? He comes on a bit strong; grabbing her injured foot and all. But in comes Youjirou to the rescue! I really like Youjirou, even though he’s just a dog. Anyway, Mizuki makes her escape and runs into Sano. She tries to thank him, but he acts as if it never happened. We all know it did, can’t he just admit it? Damn male ego! Mizuki then, sort of, blows up at him; trying to put him in his place. Naturally, he shrugs off her (funny) comments and walks off. He is proof that the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” can in fact be true. Either that or his head is as thick as a brick wall.

Now, we’re in the Dorm 2 meeting room where Tennouji apologizes to Mizuki for Dorm 1’s stupidity when injuring her foot.

That’s right! You better bow down!!

Anyway, the vice principal comes in taking note of what has happened. He forgets what he has to say and looks down at the notes written in his hand! Haha, what kind of vice principal is that? Well, he announces that the Mr. Osaka festival is coming up in conjunction with the neighboring all girls school, St. Blossoms where Hibari and her whack crew attends. Scene switches to Sekime explaining the contest to Mizuki. It’s just basically a talent contest; a king and queen are announced as the winners of the competition. Nakatsu then interrupts and asks Mizuki to step outside. Once outside, he asks her if her foot is okay. Glad to know he cares. He tells her that she’s changed him after watching her during the marathon and lets go of his past .. resentment towards her presence. Once he places his arm around her (in a friendly gesture), he gets this odd feeling. I wonder what that feeling can be. Next, Nakatsu is shown pacing around like a maniac on speed, denying every possible reason that comes to mind.

It’s time to prepare for the contest and everyone is helping the set up and what not. Hibari and the weirdos appear once again, claiming that she will be queen again. Then, Nakatsu helps this dumbfounded girl who has white stuff falling on her because she pulled on the string. No doubt, this girl is the one that begins to like Nakatsu and will help him realize his true feelings towards a certain person -coughMizukicough-.

Back at Dorm 1, we see Tennouji talking to his dormmates about the upcoming contest and tells them if they want to leave they can (he will count to ten). Once his back is turned, everyone heads for the locked door. Smart Tennouji.

There is no escape!!

After Tennouji is finished counting down, he turns around and everyone is in their positions. Next, we have Dorm 2 eating and discussing about the things needed for the contest. Nakao tells Mizuki to go and get the materials. Of course, she doesn’t know where it is and Sano announces that they will go together to fetch the stuff. However, Sano is not his usual self and is acting goofy. A 180 Sano Izumi! He pushes a guy’s head into his bowl of food for support. I bet his food tastes good too. Sano and Mizuki heads to the basement. He falls and Mizuki comes to help him out and then all of a sudden …


She’s shocked, naturally, and slaps him.

What a slap to leave such a mark.

Then everyone explains to Mizuki why he’s acting this way. Turns out he ate these pickled vegetables made with alcohol. Now we know; Sano Izumi’s alcohol tolerance is nonexistent! I mean, look at that stupid look on his face. Everyone has fallen pray to the Kiss Man. Including this guy:

What the eff is this!? They sure have some strange students at Osaka.

In the next scene, Sano gives his resignation to Umeda. Mizuki finds him to talk about the previous nights events and, of course, he doesn’t remember. Somewhere nearby, Nakatsu is spying on them, creepy! Kayashima (aura boy) explains that there’s this pink aura surrounding Nakatsu and he denies things once again. Now, all the boys are racing towards the bulletin board where the participants of the contest are announced and guess who’s in it? That’s right! Ashiya Mizuki! She’s then off to find Sano, when Umeda finds her and explains Sano’s resignation. And she’s off to find Sano once again! Persistent little bug, isn’t she? Nakatsu finds her instead and drags her off to some restaurant to eat. At the restaurant, Nakatsu sees her in a different light.

Nakatsu vision!!

And the result of that ..


He soon snaps out of it and begins to deny everything. His method of denial …

Screaming at the top of his lungs: I LIKE WOMEN

Like that’s really going to help. So the two are on their way back to Osaka High, when Mizuki notices Sano dragging Nakatsu with her. Sano’s rival, Kagurazaka, shows up, taunting him about jumping. Being her usual straight forward, not-thinking-before-acting self, Mizuki steps up to Kagurazaka, claiming that Sano will beat him. Of course, Sano’s not so thrilled. Bypassing all the unimportant scenes, Sano and Mizuki have their first real conversation about .. Youjirou. Well, at least they’re talking.

It’s festival time! And everyone is doing their acts. Nakatsu does his soccer thing while chanting, “I like women,” repeatedly. Maybe punching him in the face will make him see that there’s no denying it. Meanwhile, Mizuki is in Umeda’s office and he questions her intentions at the school. She explains to him that Sano had saved her from a bunch of thugs (when she tried to run away) and, as a result, he got injured which is why he has given up the high jump.

Her savior!

His bloody injury. OUCH!

Umeda lets her stay and promises not to utter a word. He also reveals that he’s … gay! Not your usual gay guy, huh? Mizuki realizes she’s late for the contest and races off. She gets pushed into the changing room and, all of a sudden, her clothes are missing. Naturally, the guys think they can win by sending her out there naked. Stupid? Yes. Umeda notices the situation and helps her out. Nice doctor! The curtains open and she comes out in a … dress and wig!

Totally pretty without make-up.

Everyone is shocked at this and Nakatsu is .. well .. being Nakatsu:

Someone get the guy a tissue!

During her act, Umeda strides over to Sano and asks him if Mizuki is the reason he threw away his resignation. And once again, he walks away. Someone needs to glue this guy’s feet to the ground, then maybe he’ll talk. The king is announched and the winner is .. -drumroll- .. Youjirou! What’s a dog going to do with a flat screen tv? Anyway, Mizuki is announced as queen and Hibari faints. YES! -happydance- A small group of people in Dorm 2 celebrate in Mizuki and Sano’s room. Nakatsu begins to over think things, again, and Sano is .. drunk! Thank you for those pickled (alcohol) vegetables! He looks at Mizuki, leans in, and …

Nakatsu intercepts the kiss to prevent Sano from kissing Mizuki.

Embarassing? Yes! Funny? HELL YEAH!! Time passes by and everyone is knocked out, sleeping. Mizuki gets waken up by an e-mail sent to her laptop by … her brother? He’s coming to Japan to take her back home! Not only that, Sano has waken up, asking her what’s going on. Will she go back to America because of her brother? Will Sano ever find out she’s a girl? Well, find out in episode 3.

Rating: 10 out of 10

This has been a Haejin review.


10 thoughts on “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e – Eps. 2

  1. i seriously love this series!
    im studying abroad in japan and got to see the last few shows on tv…i watched the taiwanese version too, i like both versions,but the japanese one is better in my opion.


  2. I see that most love Toma so much… incuded me… He is so cute!! Kawaii… If I had a chance to meet him, I won’t waste my time and asked him to photo with me… seriousely!!


  3. what a!
    this is the funny drama that i ever see…
    why toma look so cute….i like that
    and mizuki have a sweet smile….
    but nanba is my favourite. i really want have senpai like that in my class room. im not joking he2


  4. I love Nakatsu and Oguri Shun…^^

    Best series I ever saw ..
    Love ..
    I also liked a lot of authors ..

    I love that both the Namba-sempai, Sekime, Ashiya and Kagurazaka Makoto.;.




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