I’m Sorry I Love You (미안하다 사랑한다)

Released: 2004 November 08
# of episodes: 16
Broadcasting Station: KBS


So Ji Sup as Cha Moo Hyuk :: Beautiful actor. Beautiful acting. PERFECT! Moo Hyuk may come off as rude to many people, but can you blame him? Even if he was told that his mother stranded him and his sister to gain stardom, he still cared for the woman (with a small grudge, of course). I guess he has a strong addiction to chewing gum, always chewing as if it were tobacco or something. He constantly helps Song Eun Chae (Im Soo Jung), although sometimes she takes it the wrong way. Now, this character is a MAN! Boys .. learn from him.

Im Soo Jung as Song Eun Chae :: Quiet girl working for a boisterous singer. Now what are the odds of that happening? I’ll tell you: one to a million. Eun Chae starts off as a girl who can never say what’s on her mind and with the help of Moo Hyuk, she over comes her “shyness” (only around him though). She misunderstands Moo Hyuk 80% of the time which I find highly amusing considering she judges him by his actions since he doesn’t speak much .. or at all. Near the finale, I find that Eun Chae kinda went nuts because a certain person -cough ChoiYun cough- confused the heck outta her. Soo Jung portrayed Eun Chae perfectly, can’t think of anyone else for the role.

Jung Kyung Ho as Choi Yun :: Wanna know what a spoiled, mama’s boy is like? Then you must observe Mr. Choi Yun here. Nothing but complaints and whining came from this guy’s flabby lips. Of course, Choi Yun is always mourning over Kang Min Ju (Seo Ji Young) that he doesn’t realize Eun Chae standing right next to him, helping him, guiding him, etc. She tries to fix the broken relationship he has with Min Ju and he still doesn’t notice! Blind? HELL YES! He finally begins to notice as she gets closer to someone else and clings to Eun Chae like a leech. As for this character’s singing, it’s okay .. decent.

Seo Ji Young as Kang Min Ju :: Don’t player hate .. actually, yes you can! Usually players are referred to men but this time, it’s a woman who plays men. From the start, anyone can tell Kang Min Ju was a player. Yet, Choi Yun was being blinded by his “love” for her to realize a damned thing. When she got played by Moo Hyuk, I applauded. She not only fell into his trap, but fell for him as well even though he lied and messed with her. Karma is a BLEEP! I mean, I can understand how she doesn’t like to get close to men because of her father. However, the way she treated her mother was just so terrible. I just wanted to scream, “that’s your mother! How can you say that!?”

Storyline & Relationships

100% original. This is a classic drama where one cannot get tired of it. The sacrafice and emotions portrayed here is just pure brilliance! Even with a couple of annoyingly hot characters -cough ChoiYun cough-, this drama is one of a kind. I’m glad they stuck with the whole bullet-lodged-in-the-brain ordeal. Although it lead BOTH leading roles to their death, their relationship could not be torn apart in the end. Of course, their relationship was almost nonexistant thanks to a clinging monkey.

This is a drama that shows the perfect progression of a budding love between a man and a woman. Have you ever had one of those “I wish that were me” moments? Well here it is! Of course, I’m not sure if the ending is what you want exactly, but everything in between is! Moo Hyuk’s relationship in the beginning was sad. His “girlfriend” dumps him for a grease ball with money! Can you say gold-digger!? The relationship between Eun Chae and Choi Yun was terrible to start off with. She worked for him, bending to his every will. He pouted, more than anyone I’ve ever seen, over a girl who only played with his heart. AND he didn’t listen Eun Chae when she tried to save him from getting his heart broken. So what happens when Eun Chae begins to get close to Moo Hyuk? Yun claims she’s changed and pays more attention her .. at long last. Min Ju falls for Moo Hyuk, through all the lies and deceit (strange woman). So Min Ju and Yun are history, guess what that means. YEP! Eun Chae Eun Chae Eun Chae. And naturally she feels that she has to stay with him, so she stops seeing Moo Hyuk (who’s dying enough already). Too bad Eun Chae doesn’t find out until the end .. and even through all this madness, they die beautifully (for one another more or less).

Rating: 20 out of 10!

Yes .. it’s that great!

This has been a Haejin review.


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