Over the Rainbow

Released: 2006 July 26

# of Episodes: 16

Broadcasting Station: MBC

Haejin’s Review!


Ji Hyun Woo as Kwon Hyuk Ju :: Hyuk Ju’s character has got to be the worst in this series. Hyuk Ju practically throws himself at Jung Hee Soo (Kim Ok Bin), who constantly rejects and accepts him. What kind of relationship is that? Hyuk Ju fails to realize Ma Sang Mee’s (Seo Ji Hye) presence until the very end where he suddenly changes his mind and decides to return Sang Mee’s feelings. After constant whining about his “girlfriend” to Sang Mee, he just magically lets go of Hee Soo to be with her. So wishy-washy!

Seo Ji Hye as Ma Sang Mee :: Sang Mee has got to be the best character in this drama. Not only is she loyal to BOTH men, but she’s definite about her feelings and not wishy-washy like a certain other character -cough HyukJu cough-. Her fanbased loyalty to Lex (Hwan Hee) amazed me and has showed me what a true fan is. Her affection towards Hyun Ju is unwavering which adds to her character more.

Hwan Hee as Lex :: Lex .. Lex Lex Lex. From a cold and uncaring singer to a warm-hearted gentleman, Lex is the other character that doesn’t annoy me to death. Even though he started off with a cold exterior, in the end, he proved that he does have a heart. WOOT WOOT!

Kim Ok Bin as Jung Hee Soo :: I have to admit that Kim Ok Bin portrayed the character of Jung Hee Soo perfectly. So perfect, I hated Jung Hee Soo from start to finish! Have you ever wondered how a person can hurt others just to be rich and famous? Well here you go! Exhibit A. Her character could not sing nor dance if her life depended on it and yet she still toyed with Hyuk Ju, even if it wasn’t intentional. It was obvious she did not know what she was doing and that infuriated me more. Bottom line: Jung Hee Soo deserved nothing.

Storyline & Relationships

The hardships of the rich and famous. The struggles to make it into the entertainment world. Nothing I don’t know already is in this particular series. Yes, it’s hard to date because of the constant lime light. Yes, training sessions and practice are painful. What else is there? Obviously more, however I did not see anymore than what I already know.

The pairing was unsatisfactory. Hyuk Ju did not deserve Sang Mi at the end. He deserved no one. Chasing after Hee Soo the entire series made him seem almost pathetic. Sang Mi should have ended up with Lex. Sure she spent more time with Hyuk Ju, but he paid her no mind. Lex, on the other hand, had a change in character because of his dedicated fan. Sang Mi changes him and what happens? He gets rejected. Even after beign rejected, Lex still cares for her and they maintain a good Star/fan relationship. The Hee Soo and Lex pairing, in the beginning, was .. err .. strange. It was obvious Lex will not return her feelings no matter how hard she tried. It’s like a chasing game, except everyone is chasing the other. Hyuk Ju > Hee Soo > Lex > Sang Mi > Hyuk Ju. What a nice square huh? I mean they could’ve had another character like Sang Mi to develop the HyukJu/SangMi relationship. Instead, Hyuk Ju magically drops Hee Soo like a 10 ton bowling ball, letting her roll down the lane and into the gutter. And he’s off to look for the trophy (Sang Mi) with no real victory.

Rating: 6 out of 10


7 thoughts on “Over the Rainbow

  1. I watched this series. It was really good.
    First time seeing Ji Hyun Woo and SEO JI HYE.
    They make a fabulous couple, and Seo Ji Hye’s acting is great.

    I’ve written a fanficton featuring her.

    Another good series was Soulmate with Shin Dong Wook.
    A highly underrated Korean series in my opinion.

    Over the Rainbow deserves as much popularity as My Girl, Full House and etc…


  2. i loved this drama.. and now i’m a dedicated fan of ji hyun woo. he’s so talented – acting, singing and being in a band and all. Anyway back to the drama.. i agree with haejin.. i somehow wanted sang mi to end up with Lex. Lex changed because of her and i bet he would changed further into a better man if he had sang mi beside him. I was really sad when lex was rejected…. poor guy!

    now, i’m trying to get my hands on Old Miss Diary – the series coz ji hyun woo is in it. Anyone has links for it?

    heheheh thanks anyway


  3. Wow, this was very well said there.. nicely explained.. totally what I had to say… although i am still or ep. 12.. and I mist out a few episodes.. (because of that stupid youtube!).. then I really like this soap.. it is very newfashioned??.. and realistic.. I can totally believe that there are people out there going through stuff like this.. and yeah.. I love the lead mail actor.. sooooo my type.. if I were to get an asian guy I would totally get myself someone like that XD lol


  4. I loved this drama! I wished there was more dramas with this kind of story line. I’m too happy with who Sang Mi ended with! She should of ended up with Rex! Ah well it was still a great drama!


  5. I loved this drama! I wished there was more dramas with this kind of story line. I’m not too happy with who Sang Mi ended with! She should of ended up with Rex! Ah well it was still a great drama!


  6. hi, thank you for this post, i am recently watch this drama in lbs tv (channel of cable tv), i like the storyline and wanna read the synopsis but i can’t found it because it’s 2006 kdrama, but i am happy to find your post about it… Thank you so much, and nice to meet you… :p


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