Minwoo/M – Explore

Lee Min Woo Vol.3 – Explore
Release Date: July 10, 2007
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop/R&B
Artist: Male

Track List:
01. Showdown
02. THE`M`STYLE (Feat. Tablo of Epik High)
03. Boy Friend
04. Stomp
05. La Noche Bonita
06. AM 07:05
07. Play My Song (Feat. Tiger JK)
08. 너뿐이라고 (Untouchable Part II)
09. Pretty Woman
10. One Last Cry
11. L.O.V.E
12. My Child (98.03.24)


Now, onto the review!

Showdown – I like this song and it’s a great opener to Minwoo’s album. I guess you can say I’m a fan of angst-y singing and maybe that’s why I enjoy this song a lot more than other people. The beat is infectious and it gets me hyped up which is probably the main objective of this song. It’s one that is meant to be listened to for fun, I don’t find anything meaningful in it. Just something great to listen to. Even the rap, I enjoyed. And I’m not a fan of rap so that says a lot.

The M Style – For some reason, this song reminds me of a Justin Timberlake song. The beat just reminds me of a Timbaland type thing. Even the deep voice in the background reminds me of Timbaland. Didn’t M say that he was going to work with Timba for his US debut [that never really happened..] maybe this song really is produced by Timba.. or maybe M picked up on Timba’s style somewhere along the way. Anyway, I enjoyed this song too. I like Tablo so having him rap on this song was a bonus for me. Again, another one of those “listen for fun” songs.

Boyfriend – Gotta admit, thought it was ironic that on his prior albums, M had “Girlfriend” and now it’s “Boyfriend”. Enjoyed this song. That’s all I really have to say about it. Haha. It’s catchy like most of M’s stuff and I’m a fan of good catchy songs.

Stomp – Didn’t like the beginning. The barking stuff never did appeal to me. Wonder why people do it. But, once we got past the barking part, I liked the song as well. The barking in the background/middle was annoying but again, it can easily be overlooked.

La Noche Bonita – One of my favorites. Maybe ’cause it has the latino beat and it’s different from the other songs. I can see this type of song being on a drama OST.

AM 07:05 – Like it. A good slower song on the album. Not much to say. It’s not quite slow enough to be a slow song for me but it’s a slow song compared to M’s standards. He tends to go for quicker uptempo songs and even his slow songs are a little faster than the standard.

Play My Song – Okay. Idiotic clubish song but I like it. Haha. It’s the catchiness that reminds me of M’s style and it fits him perfectly. And I’m sure the DJ’s will play this song since it begs them to so much.

Untouchable Part II – Okay. A -real- slow song on the album. I like it but I find it nothing outstanding?

Pretty Woman – It’s a good song but I easily overlooked it for the other songs. I’m not sure why. I just did.

One Last Cry – I really really like the chorus. The other stuff was okay but the chorus was sung in an intriguing way for me but it didn’t make sense. His english is getting better but it’s still just random words strung together.

L.O.V.E. – Another favorite of mine. Chorus gets stuck in my head like mad.

My Child (98.03.24) – Hmm. If only I knew more about Minwoo to know what the date meant. All I could think about was the fact that he has a child out there somewhere and the date is the child’s birthday. But, I’m sure I’m wrong.. right? Still a good song. Did I say that about his entire album? Yeah. I guess it’s cause I like every single song on his album to varying degrees.

Overall – Minwoo never really fails to disappoint me and this album was still a good one for me. So, I give it a 10/10. That’s just my taste. I find that his 3rd one was the best one so far but I’m sure plenty of people disagree. Oh well.

Rating: 10 out of 10. I’m bias. I like M and I like catchy uptempo songs. So sue me.



3 thoughts on “Minwoo/M – Explore

  1. (98.03.24)
    march 24th is the day of shinhwa (the group minwoo is originally from) debut back in 1998. i suppose even though he went solo he still has a lot of shinhwa pride and he wants to show that~~
    thanks for sharing this lovely review!


  2. No sue job from me…..i give it a 9.5 out of 10. Don’t care for his Track 5 much but i love the other songs, including the barking from STOMP!

    Like you, I love his 3rd cd best!! Course i drive my family insane playing the same cd over and over while driving…….

    M~!!! Cool, hawt and talented!!


  3. Yep, March 24 98 was the day Shinhwa (Minwoo’s boyband) debuted. From the lyrics (and well, the date), the song is dedicated to his ‘children’ or ‘guys’ as they’ve been together for 10 years.


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